Ryback's New Legal Name Revealed, Noelle Foley Trains With Sasha Banks And Becky Lynch (Video), More

- WWE posted this "Holy Foley" video with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch working with Noelle Foley in the ring at the WWE Performance Center.

- Former WWE Superstar Ryback (Ryan Reeves) announced via his podcast - Conversation with the Big Guy - that he has officially changed his name to "Ryback." He noted that he was recording in advance and was set to go before a judge on September 1st, but was confident that the process would proceed smoothly. Ryback mentioned on the podcast that there are other people named Ryback, so there's already a precedent set for his acquiring the name. He stressed that he isn't trying to get over on anyone and that he just wants to own an identity that he created prior to his time with WWE.

- On a related note, Ryback's co-host Pat Buck, owner of WrestlePro in New Jersey, mentioned how hard it's been for him to promote former WWE and TNA talents such as Ryback. He says that he's received no fewer than 30 cease-and-desist orders over the past four years, for little more than using images taken by WWE photographers. You can hear all this and more on this week's episode of "Conversation with the Big Guy" at this link.


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