Ryback On Bumping Heads With Vince McMahon Backstage, WWE Trying To Bury Him, Getting Himself Over

ESPN has a great interview with former WWE Superstar Ryback up on their website. You can check out some highlights from the interview here:

Ryback bumping heads with Vince McMahon backstage:

"Vince has that old school, tough guy persona," Reeves said. "I have had many talks with him where he said, 'Well, they don't want to hear you talking about books.' Well, why not? I can go out there and talk about whatever I want. But when that red light goes on and I'm out there fighting, you're never going to question me. You're not going to go, 'What a dork, that guy reads books. What a sissy.' No, I kick ass."


After getting less and less TV time, Ryback felt as if the WWE was 'burying' him:

"I would go get myself over with their TV time and then on the big moments when I needed to win, they never let me win," Reeves said. "The name of the game is winning, point blank. It doesn't take a genius to realize that and looking at me with my style and that intensity, if you don't win the big ones from time to time, it's really hard to get some momentum.

"But when I am given two minutes to go out there and lose? You can't have a guy look like me go out there and lose in two minutes. You can't do it. You are telling [the fans] that he is a piece of s— and they know that."

Ryback also discusses John Cena being the last 'marquee guy' we'll ever see in the WWE, NXT, burning bridges with WWE, and more which you can check out in the full interview at this link.


Source: ESPN