Ryback Talks Living With Wade Barrett Early In His Career, Barrett Thinking He Was An "A--hole"

On the third installment of Conversation with the Big Guy, Ryan Reeves, former WWE Superstar Ryback, talked about how he got his 'feed me more' catchphrase as well as his relationship with Stu Bennett, formerly known as WWE's Wade Barrett.


According to Reeves, he came up with 'feed me more' as a catchphrase while he was working at a restaurant in 2007. As the story goes, Ryback, who was a waiter, would eat the leftover food of restaurant patrons. The dishwashers would see this and began calling Reeves 'feed me more'.

"I just always remember them looking at me, laughing, and that was actually? I told you where 'feed me more' [came from], is one of them, they always, they just started calling me 'feed me more' because I was always f–king eating. And I looked at them one day, and God, I don't remember who, and I just said, 'I'm going to use that someday because that is me.'"

During that same period, Reeves was living in an apartment complex with Barrett when the latter started in developmental. Apparently, the former leader of Nexus did not think highly of 'The Human Wrecking Ball' in those days, though they would go on to become close friends.


"Funny story about me and Wade is he thought I was like the biggest asshole ever. I was just so miserable and negative. And he was like a new hire and he was coming in. And we didn't have computers and we'd both have to use the computer in the office there. And it was like, 'hey, how are you doing?' 'Good. How are you?' 'Good.' And, like, that was it and it wasn't until years later, in FCW, when we kind of were getting ready in the same area and he realized I was nothing like [that]. I was just in a really low point in my life. And we became great friends."

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