Sheamus Talks League Of Nations Not Doing Anyone "Any Favors," Eerie Kevin Owens - Chris Jericho Pic

- Over WWE SummerSlam weekend, Inside The Ropes got a chance to chat to the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus and he was asked about the Best of 7 Series, as seen in the video above. Sheamus noted that he was excited about the series.

"I feel great about it," Sheamus admitted. "We all go through situations, we're on a journey. I've achieved so much in the time I've been in WWE so far, four time WWE World champion, stuff that people can only dream of but i feel like I've floundered the last couple of months. The whole League of Nations thing wasn't everyone's cup of tea for those of us involved, it didn't do any of us any favors. But from winning my last WWE Championship, I've felt I've just been going down a bit but the last month or so when I started having matches with Cesaro, and that four way for no 1 contender for the Universal Championship, I felt like I was hitting a groove again.

"People kinda forget what I can do and I know how good I am, I know what I can bring to the table, I bring a style that nobody else can bring, it's a hard hitting style, it's a real style. I bring the best out of whoever I'm in there with, I make everybody up their game. When I'm in there, they know it's a real fight and with Cesaro it's the same thing, we bring the best out of each other, we're hard hitting, bringing upper cuts, old school. To me, me and Cesaro are the men and everyone else are the boys. In the Best of 7 Series, you're gonna see everything, you're gonna see war in each and every match. You're gonna see pride on the line, you're gonna see two guys beating the absolute crap out of each other to show they're the best. I'm really excited about it. It's the most excited I've been in such a long time. Getting to get in the ring with him, because he's one of the best out there, but I wanna show that I'm better."

Sheamus also talked about the BBC documentary he filmed, showing more character work going forward, who he'd like to face from the past and much more. You can check out the video above.

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- Speaking of Jericho and Owens, Jericho posted the mash-up photo below of them on his Instagram:

Now this is just plain weird... #JeriKO

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