Tonight's show opens in The Impact Zone. Jeremy Borash is in the ring and hypes the Lethal Lockdown main event. He introduces the two team captains for the match. Ethan Carter III and TNA World Champ Bobby Lashley. It is announced that each side will have 4 members that will include a TNA Knockout on each team. Both captains conduct a mini draft here.

Lashley introduces his 1st teammate as Drew Galloway. EC3 chooses Aron Rex as his 1st teammate. Lashley follows with The Miracle Mike Bennett. EC3 follows with Moose. Lashley introduces his 3rd teammate as Maria Kanellis Bennett. EC3 does the expected thing and picks Gail Kim. Lashley tells EC3 that his team is being led to slaughter and that when he picks the stipulation for BFG. He is going to destroy EC3. Ethan responds by saying that he is the guy to beat Bobby Lashley despite not being anything like him. He says that he must win the TNA world title. Lashley responds that EC3 has beaten big stars but none of those men can match up to him. Lashley says that he is going to end EC3's career and that he will have nothing left. As Bobby is leaving the ring. EC3 challenges Lashley to be the first competitor in tonight's Lockdown match with him. Lashley accepts.

Josh Matthews and The Pope reset the show at ringside. Josh announces that Reby Hardy will go one on one tonight with Rosemary. He also says that after the break. DJ Z will defend his X division title against Eddie Edwards.


DJ Z Vs Eddie Edwards

Fast paced action to start this one. DJ Z out paces Eddie Edwards in the early going. It didn't take long for him to fly over the top rope and onto Edwards at ringside. Eventually Edwards turns the tables and does some aerial moves of his own. Hitting DJ Z with a suicide dive to the outside. Action back inside the ring. Z attempts a huracanrana, Edwards blocks it. He attempts a power bomb but Z counters that back into the huracanrana for a near fall. Edwards hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Back and forth action. Edwards goes to the top rope. Leaps off but DJ moves out of the way. After a few quick counters, Edwards goes for the Boston Knee Party but Z quickly thwarts it and hits The ZDT for the pin fall victory.

DJ Z defeats Eddie Edwards to retain The TNA X Division Title

Post match. Both DJ and Eddie Edwards shake hands and hug. Out comes The Helms Dynasty of Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett. They attack both Z and Edwards. They quickly rid the ring of DJ Z by throwing him shoulder first into the ring post. They then turn their attention to Edwards and double team him. They hit a tandem drop toe hold/high knee to Edwards jaw that knocks him out. Lee and Everett celebrate over the fallen Edwards.

Backstage in a dressing room, Allie is with TNA Knockouts Champion and her boss Maria. Allie apologizes about what happened last week in the public tryout. Maria scolds Allie and demands an apology from her. Allie is forced to apologize several times. Laurel walks in. Maria then tells Allie that Laurel Van Ness is everything she isn't. Tall, beautiful and intelligent. Maria calls Allie stupid and instructs her to assist Laurel when she goes out to the ring tonight. Maria tells Allie not to mess up again.

Back from the break. A Bound For Glory ad airs narrated by Broken Matt Hardy.

Josh Matthews is in an empty ring with Mike Bennett and Moose sitting in high chairs. These interviews are labeled as being from earlier in the day. Matthews interviews the both of them about their upcoming match at Bound For Glory. Mike Bennett says that he and Moose used to have teamwork and that Moose had a job to do and he couldn't do it. Moose responds that he has played in all levels of football and there has always been one constant on every team. Egotistical bastards like Mike Bennett. Guys who think that they are better than everyone else. Guys who run their mouth. Moose says that they used to throw guys like that into cold tubs and tie them up to goalposts to teach them a lesson. Bennett responds by telling Moose that this isn't football. This isn't The NFL. Bennett says that Moose's days in The NFL are over. He states that Moose has always been jealous of him. Bennett says that after he beats Moose at BFG. The Moose chant will never be done again. Moose offers to give The Miracle a one way ticket straight to hell. Both men stand up and make their last statements to each other about how they are going to win sunday.

Back to the arena. Madison Rayne is introduced and enters the ring. Allie arrives and says Hi.... She calls for everyone's attention. She introduces Laurel Van Ness.

Madison Rayne Vs Laurel Van Ness

Van Ness gives Allie a water bottle and powder brush for her to hold as she enters the ring. Madison Rayne starts off the match on the offensive and hits a running dropkick on Laurel that knocks her to the outside. Laurel goes over to Allie. Allie tries to give her water, Laurel yells at her and says she wants her makeup fixed with the powder brush. Allie obliges. Back in the ring, more of the same. As Madison Rayne stays in control. Laurel gets out of her predicament by poking Rayne in the eyes. Laurel berates Allie at ringside and bullies her. Back in the ring, Laurel is in control. Taunting Rayne and the audience. Madison rallies and attempts three straight roll up pin attempts. She hits a northern lights suplex on Van Ness for a 2 count. Van Ness battles back and hits a curb stomp on Madison Rayne. Paging Seth Rollins and wins the match.

Laurel Van Ness defeats Madison Rayne by pinfall

As Jeremy Borash goes to introduce Laurel as the winner. Allie takes the mic from him and says that Maria wanted her to announce the winner. Allie botches the pronunciation of Laurel's name. She gets upset and makes her do it again.

In the back area is Lashley. He is giving his Lethal Lockdown teammates a pep talk for tonight's main event. Lashley promises them that if they win. One of them will get the first shot at his title. Mike Bennett asks which one of them gets the shot. Lashley says the one who earns it. The one who takes out EC3.

Back from the break. Drew Galloway is in the ring. Inside the ring with him is The Impact Grand Championship. Galloway talks about the true main event at Bound For Glory. His Grand Championship Final match with Aron Rex. Galloway calls out Rex to speak to him face to face. When Rex arrives, Drew tells him that they will make history this sunday. Drew brings up the past. How TNA had cracks in the foundation when he first arrived. Drew says that he was the hero and savior that TNA needed at the time. How he became champion and traveled the world promoting TNA. Drew says he saved TNA. He then grabs the mic in "Damien Sandow" fashion and says to the guys in the back "You're Welcome". Aron Rex responds by calling Drew's rant delusional. He tells Drew to get his own tag line. Rex takes issue with Drew calling himself the sole reason for TNA's success. Rex harps on how Impact Wrestling is the best show in all of wrestling and the best show of any that takes place in a ring.... Rex says this isn't all about Drew. That he just "Gallowayed" up. Drew asks what that means. Rex says that it means that it's a 6'5 oily piece of crap. Drew fires up nicely in response. He goes through how great he is and demands Aron's respect and tells him to address him as "Sir". Rex tells Drew that their match sunday will not go to the judges. That he will beat him before that can even happen. Rex calls Drew Sir and then follows that with the 6'5 greasy haired steaming pile of crap line. Drew insults Rex by calling him a stunt man. Both men grab the title and butt heads in the ring. Security tries to break them up. Drew breaks through and hits a pile driver on Rex. Galloway grabs the title and stands over him.

A Decay promo airs after the last segment. The Decay talk about the Great War with The Hardy's at Bound For Glory. Rosemary addresses her match with Reby Hardy later tonight.

Video package is shown of the buildup to Bound For Glory between The Hardy's and The Decay.

Rosemary w/Abyss & Crazzy Steve Vs Reby Hardy w/Broken Matt Hardy & Brother Nero

Reby comes out and attacks Rosemary immediately. Taking her down and brawling with her. After the first few minutes. Rosemary battles back with a clothesline that takes Reby down. Very little wrestling in this one. A lot of scratching, clawing and choking. Even some licking by Rosemary. The fans chant Delete at her. The closing sequence sees Reby Hardy connect with a twist of fate on Rosemary. She goes for the cover. Crazzy Steve gets on the apron to distract the ref. Rosemary spews mist into the eyes of Reby and is disqualified.

Reby Hardy defeats Rosemary by disqualification

The Decay and The Hardy's go to battle as soon as the match ends. They brawl throughout the crowd and end up in different parts of the arena. Matt and Abyss fight to the back. Nero and Steve fight up to the rafters. Rosemary sets up a table at ringside. Her and Reby are trading blows in the ring. They fight to the apron. Rosemary hits Reby with a side effect through the table. Rosemary grabs the mic as she is laying on top of Reby, she yells Decay.

Josh Matthews says that the cameras are still following The Hardy's and Decay and they will have footage when they come back from the break.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with The two team captains for The Lethal Lockdown match and referee Earl Hebner. Earl Hebner handles the coin toss for which team will have the man advantage. Lashley wins the coin toss. EC3 approaches Lashley and says he can't wait to see Lashley out there first.

Back from the break. Brother Nero and Crazzy Steve have reached the roof of The Impact Zone. Steve has a steel chair in hand and he knocks Nero down to the ground. He then hits Nero with the chair. They both start clawing at each other's eyes. Nero breaks free of Steve. The show then cuts to Matt and Abyss fighting backstage. Matt has Abyss down and he has a ladder in his hands. He starts chanting delete as he hits a fallen Abyss with it. Matt asks Abyss if he can hear the beautiful symphony being played in his head. Tells Abyss that it may sound eerie to him..... We are now back on the roof. Nero is blinded, looking for Steve. Steve is approaching him laughing and dragging a steel chair. Back to Matt and he is now biting Abyss's ear. Abyss is bleeding from his ear and screaming... Back again to Steve and Nero. Steve is repeatedly striking Nero who is up against a wall. Steve then puts Nero's neck into his chair and throws him into the wall. Back to Matt again.... He is stomping away at Abyss. Abyss crawls to the power cables and grabs one. As Matt approaches him, He electrocutes Matt with the power cable. The segment ends showing all 3 members of The Decay in a split screen. They are chanting Decay over the fallen Hardy's.

The Cody promo airs again. Promoting his arrival at Bound For Glory this sunday.

We are back in an empty ring interview setting. McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing Gail Kim and Knockouts Champion Maria Kanellis Bennett about their upcoming match sunday. Maria calls herself the greatest champ ever. Gail snaps at Maria and calls her evil and a manipulator. Gail says that Bound For Glory is always a special time for her. She is honored to be inducted into the hall of fame. She is most looking forward to finally getting her hands on Maria after 9 months. Maria laughs at Gail and says that Gail thinks that TNA is a wrestling company. Maria states that it is a entertainment company. Maria says that she is going to win sunday and that Gail will go into the hall of fame as second best.

Backstage, Tyrus is approached and asked about his thoughts on winning The Bound for Gold match last year. Tyrus talks about how because of business, He couldn't cash in last year. He is interrupted by Eli Drake. Drake says he has a big business decision for Tyrus "The Fixer". Drake offers Tyrus the opportunity to be his corner man. Tyrus turns him down and mocks Drake's Yeah catchphrase.

Josh Matthews runs down The entire Bound For Glory pay-per-view lineup.

EC3 is backstage with his teammates. He thanks them for taking a risk and being on his team. Carter compliments each member of his team. They all rally together and chant "Trouble" to end the segment.


EC3 enters the cage first. Bobby Lashley's music hits and he comes out. Lashley teases coming down to the ring but instead Mike Bennett is introduced and faces off with EC3 first. Lashley didn't live up to his promise. 5 minute clock starts. Then once someone enters. There will be a 2 minute clock. Lashley's team won the toss. So they are up next. Weapons are hanging all over the cage. They are to be used once all participants have entered and the cage door is locked. TNA's warped version of War Games.

The match start off as an evenly contested battle with both Carter and Bennett exchanging the advantage in the first 5 minutes of the match. The clock runs down. Out comes Drew Galloway for Team Lashley. Drew and Mike beat down on Carter as the show goes to break. Back from the break. Team Lashley is still beating down EC3. The clock runs down and out comes Aron Rex to even the odds. Rex comes in on fire. Attacking both Bennett and Galloway. EC3 finally gets back to his feet and goes after The Miracle. He takes him down and then goes over to Rex to help him against Galloway. The clock runs down and out comes Lashley. He hits a neck breaker on Rex. He then beats up on Carter and snap suplexes him. Lashley starts directing his partners in the cage. Lashley and Bennett pummel Carter on one side of the ring while Drew beats down Rex in the other. Clock runs down and here comes Moose to even the odds.

Moose splashes both Bennett and Galloway in the corner. He then springs onto the top rope and dives onto both of them. Moose then goes after Lashley and knocks him down with repeated strikes. Drew Galloway rises and attacks Moose from behind and takes him down. All 6 men going at it. The clock runs down and Maria enters as Team Lashley's final entrant. Maria stays at ringside and says that she is not ready to come into the ring. Bennett is ok with his wife not getting involved. Tells her to stay right where she is. The obvious ends up happening. Gail Kim arrives. She chases Maria around and then forces her into the ring. Gail has Maria in her sights. Maria uses her husband as a shield and then she escapes the cage. Gail chases after her and they head to the back.

The cage door is now closed for business. Lashley gets hold of a cane as the show goes to an abrupt break. Back from the break for the final minutes of this match. The weapons are now out and the heels have the advantage. Bennett with a chair, Drew with a trash can and Lashley with a cane. Rex, Moose and Carter are down on the mat getting beat down. Lashley huddles with his teammates and starts directing them. Carter gets hit several times with a steel chair by Bennett and then Galloway canes EC3. Team Lashley now turns it's attention to taking out Rex. Aron fights back and throws Galloway into a trash can in the corner. Moose rises and hits a pump kick to Bennett. Team Carter now have the weapons and they take turns striking Lashley with them. EC3 has a lead pipe in his hands and has a direct shot at Lashley. As he prepares to strike him with it. Bennett sneaks up from behind and hits a cutter on EC3. Moose swings a steel chair at Bennett but misses wildly. Bennett kicks the chair into Moose's face. Bennett then superkicks Rex who was holding a trash can lid. The Miracle then grabs a chair and heads to the top rope with it. As he is seated on the top rope, Moose rises and dropkicks the steel chair into Bennett. Drew attacks Moose and connects with his after shock DDT. Rex in with a chair and he takes out Drew.

Frantic pace. Everyone is laid out. Lashley is now up. He spears Rex and goes for the pin but Carter breaks it up. EC3 is now left alone with Lashley in the ring. They go at it. Carter throws Lashley into the steel cage repeatedly. He then drapes Lashley over the ropes and grabs a cane and repeatedly strikes Lashley with it. Carter hits Lashley with a TK3 but Lashley rises out of that quickly and hits a spear. Lashley locks in a submission and chokes out EC3 to get the win for his team.

Team Lashley defeats Team Carter

By virtue of this victory. Bobby Lashley can choose the stipulation for his world title defense against EC3 at Bound For Glory this sunday. Lashley gets on the mic, stands over Carter and announces that the stipulation he chooses is a No Holds Barred match. The show ends with the final hype for Bound For Glory.


Does anyone have an extra 600 grand?... If you do, You can throw your name into the hat of potential TNA owners or be able to sit at a meeting or two until the next funding issue comes up.

600 grand is the reported amount that is needed for TNA to be able to air their pay per view this sunday and do their tv tapings. Was tonight's show the last ever new episode of TNA?.... It could very well be. Atleast until things get settled......... If they do get settled that is. Theoretically, TNA could air Bound For Glory for the next two weeks on free tv until financial matters are settled. That's if there is even a BFG pay-per-view this sunday. As of this writing, No official word on the pay per view or the upcoming tapings. Dixie Carter is promising a big announcement. If there is a show, There will be coverage here on WrestlingInc.

It seems like TNA has had nine lives. They have been left for dead so many times. Largely discarded and forgotten by the majority of the wrestling fan base. Just the mere mention of the TNA name sparks ridicule and apathy among many. The company has such a negative perception that it has been really hard for them to shake it. Here's hoping the company kicks out again.

If this is the end. It's a shame. The lasting legacy of TNA will unfortunately, always have a negative perception and label to it. Understandably so in some cases. It has been a poorly run business lacking a true vision and direction. TNA up until this point has always been seen as a promotion that dropped the ball and missed their chance to be relevant and successful. The truth is that the company's intention of providing an alternative to The WWE was a good one. Even if they failed in truly being an alternative at times. Was TNA bad for the business?... I personally don't think so. It was good for the people that worked in it. TNA and ROH rose from the ashes of ECW and WCW's death 15 years ago. It gave people in the business another place to work and for young talents, a place to hone their craft. TNA of late has truly been a positive alternative to the WWE. Very few have noticed or bothered to recognize it. The shows and concepts haven't all been good but the new direction has been. They have started to turn the corner and form their own identity. Unfortunately, It may be too little, too late for them. Bound For Glory?...... Was TNA ever?