Vampiro On Being The Happiest He Has Ever Been In Wrestling, WCW Still Bothering Him, Sting Feud

With Season 3 of Lucha Underground underway, tomorrow The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling will release an episode featuring an in-depth interview with Lucha Underground's very own Vampiro. In addition to discussing the growth of LU as a whole and the key ingredients that make LU the phenomenon it has become, John and Chad will also travel back through Vamp's time competing all over the world as he became one of the more intriguing and interesting personalities the wrestling business has ever produced. In the following preview, Vampiro breaks down his time in WCW and how the lack of management structure still bothers him to this day. Vamp also discussed why it has led him to be very proud of being a part of Lucha Underground and helping LU stars prepare for an actual future in professional wrestling. The full episode will be available for download tomorrow via iTunes, Podomatic, YouTube, Google Play and our OFFICIAL website


WCW pulling the plug on his team with Sting, "The Brothers in Paint":

"I think if they would have left us as a tag team, we probably would have been a different story than what we are telling right now. I think that if they would have ran with that, that would have probably been one of the all-time most popular wrestling tag teams ever. It had that potential just because of him, because of WCW, because of the story line of the passing of the torch and the way the ratings were going and Sting bringing that credibility and me bringing the new style, the people were into it and it should have happened. Why they stopped it and put me against him right away I probably would have held up on that one if it was up to me."


"Professional jealousy and stupidity and everybody getting into Sting's ear of how can this young guy come in and paint his face and I was kind of like, young guy? Mother f*cker I have been doing this for seventeen years before I got here and I've toured the world and I've been to Japan like thirty times, I've been in Mexico on the road nonstop and wrestling since 1984 and now it's 1997 so what the f*ck are you talking about with new guy? So that kind of sh^t pissed me off a lot."

How his time with WCW has helped him excel in his current role with Lucha Underground:

"That kind of stuff, even to this day it still bothers me because you know you put stupid people in charge of people's lives and unfortunately these young men and women getting into the wrestling business get false promises and a lot of bad sh*t happens and which is why I am very proud to say that in Lucha Underground we don't do that. We are even going to start a program and we are going to try and figure out a way to teach our people how to understand budgeting and saving money because pro wrestling has a great entrance plan but it's got a pretty sh*tty exit plan. All of my things that I am doing now and giving back and thinking the way I am thinking and talking to you like I am, I am actually in love with my job for the first time. This is the 34th year of my career, but it is the happiest and is the first time I can say I am enjoying things."


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