WWE Backlash: Bray Wyatt Vs. Kane (No Holds Barred)

- We go back to the panel to discuss tonight's show.

Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring as Bray Wyatt makes his way out. Referee Charles Robinson talks with Wyatt as fans chant for Randy Orton. Greg Hamilton announces that due to injury, Orton cannot compete tonight. Hamilton says Wyatt insists on the official ten-count for his win by forfeit. Robinson counts to ten and Wyatt is announced the winner.

Winner by Forfeit: Bray Wyatt

- After the announcement, Wyatt's music hits as his arm is raised. Wyatt goes to leave the ring but Hamilton announces a No Holds Barred match against... the pyro hits and out comes Kane.

No Holds Barred Match: Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt looks on as Demon Kane makes his way to the ring.

The bell rings and they go at it. Wyatt unloads but Kane turns it right around in the corner. Kane with a clothesline. Wyatt goes outside for a breather. Kane follows with a big clothesline on the floor. Kane with a big uppercut. Kane tosses Wyatt over one of the announce tables and takes it apart. Wyatt decks him and has the ring bell now. Wyatt with a big right hand. Wyatt slams Kane's head into the apron. Wyatt grabs a steel chair but Kane decks him with a right hand. Kane headbutts Wyatt and rolls him back in. Wyatt launches himself at Kane and he goes down. Wyatt with a boot and more right hands. Wyatt ends up hitting Kane in the knee with a chair. Wyatt brings the chair in the ring. Wyatt with a running knee to the gut. Wyatt with a chair shot to the gut and over the back. Wyatt yells about being a God. Wyatt with a big chair shot over the back.

Kane gets up but Wyatt drops him with another chair shot over the back. Wyatt with a 2 count. Wyatt stomps away now. Wyatt goes to drop Kane on the chair but Kane fights him off. Kane drops Wyatt on the chair with a DDT. Kane with splashes in the corners. Kane hits the sidewalk slam. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Wyatt fights him off. Kane charges but Wyatt dumps him to the floor. Kane grabs Wyatt for a chokeslam through the announce table but it's blocked. Wyatt drops Kane with a hard clothesline on the floor.

Wyatt takes apart the main announce table now. Wyatt hammer fists Kane's head and wastes some time. Wyatt runs from one announce table to the other, putting Kane through the table with a big senton. Fans chant "holy s--t" now. Fans chant for "one more time" but Wyatt brings Kane back into the ring. Wyatt turns upside down in the corner. Kane blocks Sister Abigail and nails a chokeslam for a 2 count. Kane positions a chair and goes to slam Wyatt on it but Wyatt counters and drops Kane onto the chair. Wyatt with a 2 count. Fans cheer as Orton comes limping out. Orton slides in and drops Wyatt with a RKO. Orton quickly leaves as Kane waits on Wyatt. Kane nails a chokeslam in the middle of the ring for the win.

Winner: Kane

- After the match, we get replays and Kane makes his exit as Wyatt looks on from the mat.


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