WWE Backlash: Six-Pack Challenge For The WWE SmackDown Women's Title

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Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE SmackDown Women's Title: Becky Lynch vs. Noami vs. Nikki Bella vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

Becky Lynch makes her way out first. Natalya is out next followed by Naomi with her crazy entrance. Alexa Bliss is out next as the others look on. Carmella is out next as we get a look at her recent attacks on Nikki Bella. Nikki is out next for the biggest pop. She takes off her shirt to reveal the new Wonder Woman-inspired gear.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Bliss with a roll up on Nikki. Natalya and Naomi go at it. Niki gets dumped to the floor and lands hard. Naomi sends Natalya out. Carmella drops Bliss. Becky dropkicks Carmella to the floor. It's just Naomi and Becky in the ring now. They go at it. Naomi counters the Disarm Her but Becky escapes a pin. Naomi unloads with kicks but gets dumped to the floor. Becky stands tall before going to the top. Carmella cuts her off. Becky fights Carmella off but Carmella keeps coming. She brings Becky to the mat with a scissors and covers for a close 2 count.

Carmella and Nikki face off but Bliss and Natalya attack them. Bliss goes at it with Nikki in the ring while Natalya takes Carmella out. Bliss with a close 2 count on Nikki. Bliss keeps control but runs into an elbow. Nikki with a dropkick for a 2 count. Nikki works Bliss over but gets dropped on her head for another 2 count. Nikki rolls to the floor for a breather. Natalya with a basement dropkick to Bliss for 2. Becky comes in and unloads on Bliss and Natalya. She gets riled up and hits Bliss but Natalya nails her with a German. Naomi comes in and takes Natalya down with a scissors. Naomi with a Full Nelson Bomb to Natalya. Naomi with a submission until Bliss breaks it. Bliss gets dropped by Naomi and rolls to the floor. Carmella floors Naomi with a kick. Carmella stands tall and gets speared by Nikki. They go at it now. Carmella drops Nikki on her face. Carmella with the Code of Silence. Nikki powers up and hits the Alabama Slam for a close 2 count.

Nikki takes Carmella to the top and they trade shots. Nikki goes for a superplex but Natalya runs over and brings them both to the mat with a powerbomb. Bliss comes in for a 2 count on Natalya. Bliss with a 2 count on Nikki. Bliss sends Nikki to the floor and covers Carmella for 2. Bliss beats on Carmella and covers for another 2 count. Bliss yells at the referee now. Bliss tosses Carmella to the floor. Becky runs in but Bliss kicks her. Becky tries for the Disarm Her but it's blocked. Bliss drops Becky on her head for another 2 count. Bliss shows more frustration. Carmella comes back in and hits Bliss, sending her to the floor. Nikki comes from behind and sends Carmella to the floor. Nikki stands tall as fans cheer some. Nikki goes to run the ropes and dive out onto everyone else but Carmella runs in and floors her. Carmella sends Nikki to the floor. Naomi comes in and tosses Carmella to the floor. Naomi springboards out and lands on all of her opponents for a pop and a replay. Naomi brings Natalya in but Bliss hits her from behind. Bliss sends Naomi out and goes to work on Natalya in the corner. Natalya goes for a corner powerbomb on Bliss but Naomi goes to the top and nails a super blockbuster. Naomi covers for the pin and Bliss is eliminated.

Naomi ends up sending Natalya out. Naomi gets taken out by Nikki but Natalya comes back in and steals it. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter and makes Naomi tap out. Naomi is eliminated.

Carmella sends Becky into the steps. She comes in to join with Natalya on Nikki but it backfires. Nikki with the big backbreaker on Natalya for the pin. Natalya is eliminated.

Carmella comes in and immediately pins Nikki out of nowhere. Nikki is eliminated. It comes down to Carmella and Becky now. Carmella drops her and is furious.

Becky comes back with three big suplexes. Becky gets fired up but runs into a big kick. Becky ends up getting the win and the title with the Disarm Her.

Winner and First-Ever WWE SmackDown Women's Champion: Becky Lynch

After the match, Becky celebrates and raises the title. We go to replays. Charly Caruso interviews Becky in the ring after the match as fans chant for her. Becky thanks fans and says it's been years, it's been miles. She says fans have believed in her every step of the way. She continues to thank the fans. She puts the title on her shoulder as Becky Balboa would and says we did it. Her music hits and she raises the title to continue the celebration as fans cheer her on.


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