WWE Posts Brock Lesnar Vs. Randy Orton Rematch Highlights (Videos), Mick Foley On Cesaro's Push

- As seen in the videos above and below, WWE posted highlights from last night's Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton rematch in Chicago.

The video below contains the finish of the match, which saw Lesnar pin Orton after an F5, and then go back to the ring to take Orton to Suplex City.


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- WWE RAW General Manager Mick Foley posted the following on tonight's "Best of 7 Series" finale between Cesaro and Sheamus. He wrote:


Sheamus vs Cesaro. It's not the main event, it's not the match that is foremost in the minds of most fans, but to me it's the most personal ? because it's the one I put myself on the line the most for. You have to go back a couple months, back to maybe the second show after the draft, but if I had to point to a moment that would define my role as general manager, I would point to the backstage interaction with Sheamus and Cesaro, where I challenge them to go out in the ring and prove me wrong; for Sheamus to prove he could get his head back in the game, and for Cesaro to prove he did in fact deserve to be picked far higher in the draft than he had been. That was the moment I decided the difference between me doing the job and someone else doing the job was that I was going to try to use my time on camera to occasionally explain the inexplicable and do my best to ensure that, every once in a while, the talent I interacted with depart those interactions JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER OFF than before they entered it. I remember walking out of my office and encountering longtime WWE referee Scott Armstrong, Who had grown up with the wrestling business in his blood, and I don't me since 1989.

"THAT was a good promo, Mick" he said. "That was a good promo."

Being the GM of #Raw is much trickier than one might assume. If you think the answer is as simple as "push Cesaro", then you don't really know what this role entails. Sometimes the best I can do is speak 100% truth about talents I believe in like Sheamus and Cesaro and push for the type of matches that will help them excel – and hope that people will notice. Sheamus is a challenge, because he's so much tougher than the average fan assumes he is, with one of the most physical styles of any WWE Superstar of this generation. He is a guy who would have absolutely THRIVED in the attitude era, who would have absolutely LOVED to have been in the original #ECW or some of the classic hard-core stipulation matches of years gone by. The photos would have been epic! Imagine pints of bright red blood flowing down that pale white skin, and Sheamus flashing that goofy smile. The guy would be iconic. But instead, I think he has been unfairly typecast as a character – and the #BestOfSeven with an absolute first class workhorse like Cesaro was the only way I could see for the average fan to gain some type of grasp on just how tough the guy actually is. I think this series has brought the very best out of each of these men, and has hopefully made Cesaro reconsider his initial assertion that he would have rather been drafted to #SmackDownLIVE

I'm hoping for – and think we'll get – a hell of a battle tonight between these two warriors. Who do you take to win the 7th match? Who are you pulling for in the other matches as well – Universal championship, US Championship, Women's Championship, Cruiserweight Championship?