WWE Superstars Recap: Sami Zayn Gets A Win, Curtis Axel, Neville Vs. Jinder Mahal

The Superstars opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Sami Zayn and Curtis Axel make their entrances as Tom Philips and Corey Graves check in on commentary.

Sami Zayn vs. Curtis Axel


They lock up. Axel locks in a wrist lock. Zayn is able to flip Axel onto the mat. Zayn pins Axel for a one count. Axel slides out of the ring. Axel gets onto the ring apron and yells at the referee. Zayn pulls the top rope to flip Axel into the ring. Zayn briefly locks in a wrist lock, prior to Axel kneeing him in the midsection. Axel punches Zayn before sending him to the ropes. Zayn springboards over Axel. Zayn hits three arm drags on Axel. Zayn locks in an arm submission on Axel before being backed into the corner. Zayn moves out of the way of a chop from Axel prior to connecting with a chop of his own in the corner. Zayn throws Axel to the ropes. Axel catches himself and slides out of the ring. Axel slides back in the ring and Zayn rolls out of it, Zayn grabs Axel's leg though. Axel punches Zayn in the face several times. Axel throws Zayn into the ropes prior to hitting a dropkick. Axel hits a back breaker on Zayn and pins him for a two count. Axel locks in a shoulder submission on Zayn. Zayn eventually hits an arm drag on Axel. Axel immediately comes back with a clothesline to Zayn in the corner. Zayn hits an inverted exploder suplex on Axel into the corner shortly after. Zayn hits the helluva kick on Axel in the corner. Zayn pins Axel for the win.


Winner: Sami Zayn

A recap of the United States Championship Match from RAW is shown featuring Roman Reigns retaining against Rusev via double count out.

A recap of the promo exchange from RAW is shown featuring RAW Women's Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Charlotte, with Sasha Banks standing tall to end the segment.

Jinder Mahal and Neville make their entrances.

Neville vs. Jinder Mahal

Neville locks in a headlock on Mahal. Mahal throws Neville to the ropes. Mahal attempts an arm drag, Neville lands on his feet though. Mahal attempts to kick Neville, Neville catches his foot and hits a spinkick to the back of Mahal's leg though. Neville locks in a waist lock Mahal, prior to Mahal elbowing him in the face. Mahal locks in a headlock. Neville throws Mahal to the ropes, Mahal returns with a shoulder block. Mahal hits a modified back body drop on Neville. Mahal punches Neville several times before throwing him towards the corner. Mahal runs at Neville, but Neville jumps over him. Neville does several forward handsprings to get to the opposite corner, with Mahal running after him. Neville connects with a boot to Mahal though. Neville hits a modified headscissors on Mahal. Mahal rolls out of the ring as we head into a commercial break.


As we return from the commercial, Neville chops Mahal twice. Neville throws Mahal to the ropes, Mahal catches himself though. Mahal drops Neville on the top rope. Mahal runs at Neville. Neville pulls the top rope down, sending Mahal to ringside. Neville slides out of the ring, Mahal immediately throws him into the side of the ring though. Mahal slides Neville back in to the ring. Mahal punches Neville. Mahal briefly locks in a shoulder submission on Neville, before slamming him to the mat. Mahal shoulder blocks Neville into the turnbuckle before pinning him for a two count. Mahal hits a knee drop on Neville. Mahal dropkicks Neville before locking in a chinlock. Neville fights out of it and rolls Mahal up for a two count. Mahal kicks Neville in the face prior to pinning him for a two count. Mahal knees Neville on the mat several times, until Neville manages to get his boot up. Neville ducks a clothesline attempt prior to hitting a spinkick on Mahal. Neville kicks Mahal in the chest before connecting with another spinkick. Neville dropkicks Mahal. Mahal manages to elbow Neville before attempting a clothesline, Neville ducks it. Mahal hits a scoop slam on Neville and pins him for a two count. Mahal climbs to the second rope. Neville connects with a kick to Mahal as Mahal comes off the second rope. Neville hits the Red Arrow before pinning Mahal for the win.


Winner: Neville

A recap of the Highlight Reel from RAW is shown to close the show featuring Chris Jericho talking with Universal Champion Kevin Owens.