WWE Talking Smack Recap (9/13): Fallout From Smackdown Live, Guests Baron Corbin & Alexa Bliss



Renee Young welcomes the audience and her co-host Smackdown Live GM, Daniel Bryan to this week's edition of Talking Smack. Daniel Bryan opens up by joking that people want more "talking". Renee congratulates Daniel about Backlash. Bryan says he is happy except for the fact the Miz is the current IC champion. They then transition the discussion to AJ Styles being the new WWE World Champ. Bryan talks about how he was edited last week for saying the term balls. How everyone this week has been getting away with saying the term balls on TV like Cena tonight.

Daniel Bryan then talks about the end of tonight's Smackdown Live and The world title picture with John Cena entering it. The conversation ends with another balls reference. Renee segues into Daniel Bryan throwing out the first pitch at a Phillies game. Bryan has developed a jumping technique when he throws the ball off of the mound. Daniel's credits hits first pitch with his tennis ball throwing with his dog.

Renee mentions that last week Shane McMahon was told that he can come on the show anytime he wants. Renee asks Daniel his opinion on that. Daniel stonewalls Renee and says that the only reason she is inviting Shane back is because of the way, She abruptly ended his segment last week.

Baron Corbin is welcomed in as the first guest tonight. Bryan and Renee mockingly clap for him. Corbin doesn't seemed too pleased with this gig. Renee asks Corbin why he refused AJ's offer to team with him on Smackdown. Corbin says why does he need a partner. He spent his whole life playing team sports. Teammates only hold you down, Corbin proclaims. Renee asks him why he would refuse to be in the main event. Corbin says he was already in the main event a few weeks back when he beat up the former WWE champ Dean Ambrose.

Daniel Bryan then brings up Baron Corbin's elite athletic background. Former NFL player. Former Golden Gloves Boxing champ. Winner of several jujitsu tournaments. Bryan asks is that why he prefers to do things by himself. Corbin agrees with that. He says he relies only on himself. Talks about being a 3 time golden gloves champ and fighting all over the world. Daniel Bryan serves up a kayfabe softball and asks Corbin if he is so confident in his abilities. Why does he keep attacking his opponents from behind and before matches?... Corbin says today was his birthday and he felt like giving himself a birthday present by attacking Apollo Crews tonight.

Renee asks Corbin how he feels about Jack Swagger. Corbin says people make stupid decisions everyday. How he is not worried about Swagger when he faces him. Renee asks who made the stupid decision, Swagger or Smackdown management. Corbin sarcastically says Daniel Bryan is doing a good job. Mocking him for throwing out the first pitch at baseball games rather than focusing on his talent. Bryan says what have you done to earn opportunities. Corbin says he has earned them by laying everyone down. Bryan says Corbin didn't look like he was interested in laying down Jack Swagger on Smackdown by walking away from him. Bryan touts that Swagger is an All American wrestler. Corbin says that won't do him any good. Dolph Ziggler is also an all American wrestler and he couldn't beat Corbin. Renee defends Daniel Bryan and the job he has done. Renee asks Corbin if he is willing to be a team player. Corbin says write me a check and i'll do what you ask me to.

Corbin says he is all about winning championships and making money. Renee asks Baron what do you think is your biggest obstacle. Corbin says it's the decision makers and the people who make the matches. Bryan says Corbin got a shot against Dean Ambrose. Corbin says he beat him. Bryan says it wasn't by pinfall or submission. Corbin says that it was because of a 5 foot 7 kid kicking him. Bryan then asks Baron if he thinks he can beat AJ Styles. Corbin says he can beat anyone put in front of him. Renee asks Baron about the return of John Cena. Baron says everyone is the same. He doesn't care who it is. He then states that he has all the tools to be the world champion and if anyone is in the WWE without that mindset. They shouldn't be there. Corbin says that he beats people up for a living and he loves imposing his will against others. He gets great joy out of that. Bryan says that if Baron wants to prove himself. He needs to stop attacking people and beat them in the ring. To which, Corbin says he already beat Crews sunday. Why does he need to beat him again on Smackdown Live. Bryan says that you have to consistently win to earn more chances like he did in his career. Corbin reiterates that is only out for championships and that he didn't need to beat Crews tonight. Leaving him laying on the ground was good enough for him.

Renee thanks Corbin for coming on the show. As he leaves, Renee asks Bryan why everyone has so much hostility towards him. Renee thinks it's because Bryan is the face that represents Smackdown Live. Daniel agrees with Renee that it may be the case. The conversation then transitions to Heath Slater's new contract and tag team championship with Rhyno. As Bryan starts to address that. Shane McMahon walks on the set. He jokingly states that he doesn't know if he is welcome after last week. Bryan then teases Renee and suggests a Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan talking smack show without Renee Young. Shane leaves.

The discussion is back to Slater and Rhyno. Bryan is very happy for Slater and loved how Rhyno talked about never being a tag champ when he was last on the show. Bryan is happy for the both of them and has always touted Slater for how entertaining he has always been. Renee asks if Heath Slater actually signed his contract and if he is officially a member of Smackdown Live. Bryan says he is not sure. Maybe Shane knows.

The conversation now moves to the notorious James Ellsworth who was hand picked by Daniel to be in the main event as AJ Styles partner. Young and Bryan both go over the footage of Ellsworth grand smackdown entrance. Daniel Bryan then presents his preferred cover of WWE 2K17 with Ellsworth on it. Bryan notes that if Ellsworth had pinned Cena tonight. He would have been guaranteed the cover of the game. Bryan says that Miz took away that opportunity from Ellsworth and the fans. Renee asks if James has signed a deal yet. Bryan says that it is still in discussion.

Alexa Bliss is the next guest on the show. She says that she is exactly in the position that she deserves to be in. Bliss says that all the other women see her as the biggest threat. That's why they ganged up on her to eliminate her at Backlash in the 6 way. Renee brings up the fact that Alexa is the smallest woman on the Smackdown roster. Daniel says that he and Alexa share the same size issue. Alexa says she is nothing like Daniel Bryan. I agree in more ways than one. Alexa is offended by the short comments and the focus on her size. Bliss is then asked about Becky Lynch. Alexa says that she is excited about taking the title away from Lynch now that she is #1 contender. Bryan asks Bliss how she feels about never NXT womens champion and how she feels about being overshadowed by all the other women's wrestlers in NXT who got critical acclaim over her. Bliss says it was super offensive. She states that she started in NXT before Becky Lynch and that she was ignored and pushed aside for the 4 horsewomen.

Daniel Bryan asks Alexa again if it's because she is so tiny. Renee calls Daniel an instigator. Bryan then asks Alexa her opinion on Renee's shiny shirt. Alexa sarcastically says she likes it and that Renee looks like a disco pirate. Calls it a Tina Turner hand me down. Bryan asks Alexa about her experience competing for titles. Alexa states that she has been competing for titles since she was 5 years old. Bliss mentions her national titles for cheerleading and gymnastics. Bliss says her inexperience doesn't matter. That she beat Becky Lynch on her first night. That she beat Nikki Bella tonight. How she has dedicated her whole life to get what she wanted. Bryan says that he now gets it. That Alexa had a pageant mom. Alexa's voice cracks as she says again that she is dedicated. Alexa once again touts her accomplishments thus far on Smackdown Live. Bryan says that he sees Becky Lynch as a known quantity but Alexa is not that yet. Alexa says she is excited for her chance to win the Smackdown Womens champion and how she has a long history with Becky Lynch and knows her really well. The conversation now transitions to Alexa's opinion on Carmella. Bliss disses Carmella and calls her delusional. They then start running through Alexa's opinion on a few of the other female wrestlers. Bliss respects Natalya but it's a new era. The conversation closes and the show ends.


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