Former WWE Superstar recently spoke to The Daily News and discussed what it takes to make it in the WWE, and how to make it last in the industry. You can check out some highlights here:

What would your advice be to someone who’s trying to get into wrestling?

“The first thing is finish school and go to college. Prepare back up. Because 99 percent of you will fail. But at the end of the day, once you’ve done that and accomplished that, go to a good wrestling school. A reputable school. Go to a school with someone who has already been there. Don’t go to a wrestling school where people haven’t been there. Good schools right now are, probably, (Team 3 Academy). There’s plenty of them. Rip Rodgers ? unreal. Go to a good school, get a good foundation and work from there.

What’s it take to make it and last in wrestling?

“Firstly, luck. Because I’ve seen, just now being on the indie (circuit), so much talent that’s just not being picked up. And I think there are just so many spots and so many hours and people are going to get passed over. It’s just what it is.

“But the first thing you need is a lot of luck. And the second thing you need to do, right now I think, is build up your brand. The bigger your brand is before they even sign you, the better it is. The main thing you should be focusing on his your brand.”

Rose also talked about comparing indie wrestling to music, the biggest difference in the indie circuit and the WWE, if he still has the party fowl in his arsenal, and more in the full article which can be read here.

Source: The Daily News