Alberto Del Rio On Possibly Working For TNA, If WWE Was Trying To End His Relationship With Paige

ESPN has another interview with Alberto "El Presidente" Rodriguez, f.k.a. Alberto Del Rio in WWE. Below are a couple of highlights:

"I already talked to my friends from Ring of Honor, and I'm a big fan of that company and their talent. I had a blast a few years ago, and I'm going to have fun with all those guys again pretty soon, as well as doing something with my friends in TNA, especially because my friend Drew McIntyre [Galloway] works for them. I have other friends like Damien [Sandow, a.k.a Aron Rex] and Cody Rhodes. I'm just looking forward to doing an appearance with them pretty soon."

If WWE was trying to split him and Paige up:

"To be honest, I don't care what they say or what they try to do. We are together, and we are happy. I know a lot of people are not happy, but regardless of whatever people say, we can be happy. We can be together. And we are going to stay together because we are happy."

Alberto also discussed not needing WWE, needing to go to WWE to become a big name, not being happy with how he was used and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: ESPN


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