Alexa Bliss Talks Deserving WWE SmackDown Women's Title, Taking Women's Revolution To Next Level

Alexa Bliss recently spoke to The Evening Express UK to promote the upcoming WWE live event in Aberdeen, Scotland. Below are a couple of highlights:

Getting a title shot at WWE No Mercy tonight:

"I did not expect to fight for the title so soon but I am going to run with it and take the title from Becky. I believe I deserve the title as I am what the New Era should look like. Becky, Sasha (Banks), Charlotte and Bayley paved the way to start this women's revolution. But I am the evolution of the revolution ? I am here to bring the New Era."


Being drafted to Smackdown:

"I was really shocked as you have no idea who is being drafted. We were all sitting at the Performance Centre waiting to see whose picture would go up on the show. As soon as my picture went up I dropped and began crying. It was such an emotional experience and I was overwhelmed. I had been in NXT for more than three years and it felt like all that hard work had paid off. Now I want to push myself to the limits to see what I can do."

Bliss also discussed Becky Lynch being bigger than her, wrestling in Aberdeen and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Evening Express UK