Bayley Talks Goldberg, Advice That Triple H Always Gives, Which Brand She Wanted To Be Drafted To

Brian Fritz of recently spoke with Bayley. Below are a few highlights:

Advice that Triple H always gives her:

"He always tells me that people will always remember the way you make them feel. They might not remember the moves, they might not remember the match, but they're always going to remember how you made them feel. That's always something that sticks with me. So when I make my entrance to the ring or give someone a high-five, I want them to feel happy and always remember that moment."

Who she wants to play as in WWE 2K17:

"I would play as Goldberg, which was cool because now he's on the cover and I get to be on the same game as Goldberg."

Which brand she wanted to end up on in the WWE Draft:

"I saw that Carmella had gone to 'SmackDown' and I thought that would be amazing since we're best friends but, at the time, the championship was on 'Raw,' so that was also where I wanted to be because that's one of my goals, to be the WWE Women's Champion. I was kind of leaning more toward 'Raw' because I knew Carmella and I would still see each other we still talk all the time but I needed to be in that title picture, and having to be on the same roster as Sasha (Banks) has been really helpful as well."

Bayley also discussed other dream matches in WWE 2K17, staying in NXT longer than Sasha Banks and Charlotte, Sasha and Charlotte headlining RAW and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Sporting News


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