Brie Bella On Daniel Bryan Transitioning From Wrestling To Other WWE Roles, Nikki Bella Talks Return

Former multi-time WWE Diva's Champion and stars of the E reality series "Total Divas and now 'Total Bellas' Nikki and Brie Bella joined The Rack Radio Show. In a nearly 15-minute interview, they talked about the upcoming Season of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella Returning to the ring, Brie Bella's retirement and much more. You can download the full episode by clicking here, they sent us these highlights:


What can we expect in the upcoming season of the new show 'Total Bellas':

Nikki: "We're so excited for 'Total Bellas on October 5th at 8 pm only on E! and I have to say, some of the best things about the show is it was just a very compelling season. Don't get me wrong, you have a lot of fun and funny moments but it's really crazy what the camera captured within those six episodes: me going through my neck surgery, (Daniel) Bryan retiring, Brie on the road to retirement because she wants to be a mother, John (Cena) rehabbing his shoulder, our mom getting married for the third time but they say third time is a charm and our brother and his lack of passion in our mom's company and this all happen under mine and John's roof. And so, I have to say, just the wedding stuff and Bryan's meltdown, there so many things contained in these six episodes that is just unreal."


Brie: "(Bryan's meltdown) wasn't too bad; it's a situation I think a lot of people can relate to because I feel like a point in all our lives we get something dear to us taken away and you never teach yourselves how to be ready for something like that, you just can't. I feel that when people see Bryan, they're going to just understand and root for him and go 'Wow, I'm not alone in this.' "

Brie on Bryan's transition from the ring to his roles in the Cruiserweight Classic and as Smackdown GM:

"Actually, it's been great and the great thing about it is Bryan is so happy. He loves being the GM of Smackdown, he loves hosting Talking Smack on the WWE Network, he loved working with all the Cruiserweights on the CWC. He's honestly on cloud nine and being his wife and best friend, I'm just so happy to see how great he's doing because you don't know how long it will take and you know the next happy day. I think the best thing for him was becoming the Smackdown GM; I just think it has done wonders for Bryan."

Nikki on her return from neck surgery, rejoining the Women's Revolution and Smackdown roster:

"I truly feel like I'm the living Wonder Woman. It's been a surreal, crazy journey but one that I feel grateful for because it's given me such an inner strength that I didn't realize I'd had. I'm truly happy to have that support system around me: Brie, Bryan, of course John, my mom, and my brother, and you get to see that all on 'Total Bellas' which is cool. They really were my support system. Yes, we definitely had our ups and downs and there were some very tough moments. Bryan and I got into our first fight, and that was crazy because I never realized that you fought with brother or sister-in-law's like that but I guess you do. We're just very different people but at the end of the day we still love each other. It's just been amazing to be back and be on Smackdown live with both John and Bryan."


Was there an adjustment to having everyone under the same roof at Nikki and John's house:

Nikki: "A major adjustment; it was not easy."

Brie: "It wasn't what I imaging it to be. I think it was a bigger adjustment for the hippie and I think it was an even bigger adjustment for my mom and my brother just because they didn't realize the chaos they were walking into. I think for everyone, we all after the first couple of days were like 'Woah, what did we get ourselves into?'

Nikki: 'Yeah, but you know, when I'm at home, it's crazy, I walk around and I see empty bedrooms and walk through the hallways and I miss it too; I miss having my family around and you'll see it, when you watch 'Total Bellas' you'll see the very special moments and the hard ones (as well) but there's moments where I miss them. I go, 'Oh I got so annoyed with them, but man, I miss them.' "

Brie on what she has been up to since her retirement:

"A lot of baby making and working on BirdieBee. For myself, I went into an industry I wasn't educated on and I thought 'Hey, yeah, let's do this. Awesome.' And I've really had to educate myself in the fashion world: undergarments, fabrics and learning their language but it's been really great. I've just been enjoying life and taking the opportunities to hang out with my family and friends and doing things that I didn't get to do when I was always on the road."


Nikki on their new company BirdieBee:

"BirdieBee is going really well; Brie and I are kind of taking it in a different direction. We are taking it into our own hands so we're not going to have products for a little bit longer but we're just so excited- we have these videos coming out and we're really trying to build our community of women empowerment, of educating on feminine health. But the next year is going to be really, really amazing for BirdieBee; there's going to be a lot of amazing things we've been working on and we're just so excited to share with the world. I'll admit, the one thing I have to learn on starting my own company is having patience; I like to get things done and so I always forget 'Oh, wait. They're all working on a bunch of other things." And I expect everyone to get things done all quick. So, patience is definitely something I've had to work on, through all of this, but I'm just really excited so eventually share our panties with the world; to share our feminine health products with the world and just to really get BirdieBee out there."

Brie On the Women's Revolution and their part in the process:

"That has been, in the last decade, our number one priority- for it to get to exactly where it went to at WrestleMania 32 and that kind of passion and the blood, sweat and tears. At the end of the day, you're going to go through obstacles but with passion, you will be successful and you will accomplish whatever your dreams are."


Brie Bella on having her final match at WrestleMania:

"It was really bittersweet; it was an amazing moment and a moment I'll always remember and especially on a historic night for women but it was a historic night for women where here is the start of something so great and I'm like 'Wait, this is my ending?' But it was very bittersweet, it was very sad but it was such an honor and so surreal the spot I was given, it was great."

Nikki on upcoming talent on the Smackdown Roster:

"You know, being back on Smackdown Live, I'm very excited for the Smackdown Women's Division. There's such new, exciting talent from Becky Lynch to Alexa Bliss to Carmella. I'm very excited to see what these girls are going to do moving forward. Becky Lynch, right now being our Smackdown Women's Champion, I think that was so well deserved and I'm just excited to see how she's going to be carrying our division and being the face of it. Don't get me wrong, I still have my eye on the prize, and I would definitely love to get into a storyline with Becky and really fight for that title, so hopefully one day we can, but I'm very excited for the Women's division on the blue side; there's so much potential and I can't wait to see where it's at in a year and then beyond."


Nikki on the hardest thing to overcome in terms of getting the Women's Revolution going:

"I think you sort of put a pressure on yourself; that you have to deliver every week. You're expected to do certain things and you can't ever have that moment of falling because then everyone is like 'Oh, this is why there shouldn't be a revolution." I think that was the hardest, the pressure you put on yourself every week to give an amazing performance and it's already become fun once you can put that pressure away but it's kind of like what we are doing on the Smackdown Women's Division, we, at our last pay-per-view (Backlash), we brought the Women's Division up to a certain level and we want to keep going so we continue to put this pressure on ourselves to succeed and do everything expected so that's the hardest part."

Source: The Rack Radio Show Podcast