Charlotte On Wrestling At Same Stadium Where Ric Flair Retired, Most Important Advice Given From Ric

Sky Sports has a great interview with former WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte, and you can check out some highlights here:

Making her own 'Mania Moments':

"To know there is a possibility I will be wrestling at the same stadium at a Wrestlemania where my dad had his last just blows my mind – it's crazy. My dad was my hero and I loved watching him but it wasn't until I got into wrestling that I realised how important he was to the industry. My whole family watched that match with Shawn and to see and hear over 70,000 people chanting: 'Thank you, Ric' and to see him living out his dream and what he dedicated his life to was very special. I look at the photos and wish I could go back to that moment."


Ric Flair walking out with her during the beginning of her main roster run:

"He drove me to get better night after night. He is my dad but in the environment that I work in he is a two-time Hall of Famer and one of the greatest of all time. To know I had to walk out with him time after time and be the focus and forge my place on the roster was a challenge. I wanted it to happen, though, so it pushed me harder. The most important piece of advice he ever gave me was that when you walk through the curtain you have to believe in yourself or the fans will see straight through you."

Charlotte discusses much more in the full interview, including using mic time to show the fans who Charlotte is, proving herself in the industry, and more which can be read at this link.


Source: Sky Sports