Daniel Bryan On If John Cena Goes To Bat For Nikki Bella, Paige Surgery Note, Cena On Debate

- Above is a clip from last night's Talking Smack with SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan defending The Bella Twins after Carmella's shots at Nikki Bella, accusing her of riding John Cena's coattails to success. Bryan says Cena has never gone to bat for Nikki and he knows that for a fact. Bryan says Nikki has had to work hard for everything she has. Bryan says The Bella Twins have always done what WWE wanted them to do and take the jobs no one else wanted but people still keep coming after them because they are the biggest female stars WWE has produced in a long time.

- Speaking of Cena, he tweeted the following on tonight's Total Bellas episode going up against the last US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton:

- As noted, Paige was set to undergo surgery today. She tweeted the following, indicating that the surgery went on as planned and that fiancee Alberto Del Rio was with her:


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