Daniel Bryan On What Might Be Next For AJ Styles, Questions Officiating In WWE Title Match

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon joined Renee Young on Talking Smack after WWE No Mercy went off the air. During the show, Bryan noted that he thought the officiating in the WWE Championship match was questionable with AJ Styles tapping in a double submission to John Cena and Dean Ambrose, but still winning the match. Bryan noted that it was a tough position to be in as a referee because you can't have two guys as world champion.

Shane McMahon agreed with the referee's decision, saying that there was no way you'd end the match with two guys winning and that continuing the match was the right move. Shane said that "it was exactly what you [Bryan] or I would have done."

As for what's next for Styles, Bryan said that due to Styles tapping to Cena and Ambrose, his initial reaction is to have Styles face Cena or Ambrose in a one-on-one match. Shane said that he would love to watch any combination of those three wrestlers.


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