Daniel Bryan Reveals Unique Wrestling Style He Created For WWE Comeback On Total Bellas (Video)

This preview for Wednesday's Total Bellas features Nikki Bella and Daniel Bryan visiting the WWE Performance Center with JJ. Bryan shows off a unique style of wrestling that he developed as he was attempting to make a comeback, one that would allow him to take less bumps.

In media interviews Bryan often talked about a potential match against Brock Lesnar and mentions in the video that he specifically had this style in mind for wrestling Lesnar. Bryan shows Sami Zayn some of the moves he had in mind, saying it would make a single-leg takedown cool again.

Nikki talks about Bryan and a potential WWE coaching job but Bryan doesn't believe he would be a good coach. Bryan mentions that he has a lot of fun when talking about the ideas he has for wrestling but it doesn't change the fact that he can't do it anymore and it doesn't leave him with the same satisfaction. In the clip, Bryan talked about getting too excited and then depressed. It's revealed in the same episode by Brie Bella that Bryan has battled anxiety and depression for years.


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