Dolph Ziggler Giving Away "No Mercy" Finish?, AJ Styles - Daniel Bryan, WWE Q3 Results, WWE Shop

- Above is video of the exchange between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles at the end of last night's episode of Talking Smack. As noted, Bryan made a rare TNA reference on the show and asked Styles if he ever brags to John Cena and Dean Ambrose about being the only person to be a TNA World Champion, WWE World Champion and "New Japan World Champion" (he meant IWGP Heavyweight Champion).


"I'm the one and only AJ Styles, the guy that's been looked over several times only to prove himself over and over again," Styles replied. "At No Mercy it will be no different. I've been looked over before, you've [Bryan] been looked over before, you know how it feels to come in here with a chip on your shoulder and you get after it and you get things like this [WWE Championship] right here. This is who I am, I am a champion, and I will take on anyone that you put me up against or Shane [McMahon] puts me up against and I will knock 'em down! I will retain this [title] because I am a winner!"

- WWE will report its third quarter 2016 results on Thursday, October 27th before the opening of the market. Vincent K. McMahon and WWE Chief Strategy & Financial Officer, George Barrios, will host a conference call beginning at 11:00 a.m. ET to discuss the results. A live webcast will be hosted on the company's website at


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- Dolph Ziggler has really been hinting on social media that his WWE career will be ending this Sunday. As we often see in wrestling, that often means that the opposite is happening. Ziggler has been thanking backstage personnel and wrote that he will be taking bookings starting October 10th: