Dolph Ziggler Takes Shot At WWE Chosen Ones?, Daniel Bryan Makes TNA Reference, Ziggler Talks Edge

- WWE posted the clip above from tonight's Talking Smack with Dolph Ziggler talking about one of his favorite WWE moments being wrestling then-World Heavyweight Champion Edge for the title at The Royal Rumble in 2011. He noted that Edge was his riding partner before they started storyline feuding, and Edge had taught him a lot about how to get better. Ziggler noted that his character lost a lot even back then, saying that "I work hard, I don't win too much." He said that even though he lost all the time, everyone was standing for the last 15 minutes of that match because they didn't know who was going to win.

- Ziggler also seemed to take a shot at wrestlers who have come in and seemingly been favorites of the company, who were photographed with Triple H after being signed. When talking about the how he's been the only one to have had two or three literal [storyline] craps taken on him, Ziggler said that he was fine with it because it lets you know where you stand with the company. Ziggler stated, "As funny as it it, and as kinda screwed up as it is, if I was someone who walked in and was hand-picked and was told, 'hey, let's take a picture, you're going to be our champ.' I would hate that, I would hate myself, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night!"

- At the end of tonight's Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan made a rare TNA reference on the show and asked AJ Styles if he ever brags to John Cena and Dean Ambrose about being the only person to be a TNA World Champion, WWE World Champion and "New Japan World Champion" (he meant IWGP Heavyweight Champion). WWE posted Styles' reply - sans Bryan's question - in the video below. Styles said that he's been around the world and won a lot of championships, and doesn't compare himself to anybody.

"I'm the one and only AJ Styles, the guy that's been looked over several times only to prove himself over and over again," Styles said. "At No Mercy it will be no different. I've been looked over before, you've [Bryan] been looked over before, you know how it feels to come in here with a chip on your shoulder and you get after it and you get things like this [WWE Championship] right here. This is who I am, I am a champion, and I will take on anyone that you put me up against or Shane [McMahon] puts me up against and I will knock 'em down! I will retain this [title] because I am a winner!"


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