Former Spirit Squad Member On Why He Wasn't On SmackDown Tonight, Meet The Miz, The Usos

- As seen on SmackDown tonight, there was a mini-Spirit Squad reunion, which was the first appearance on WWE television of the group in nearly 10 years. While Kenny and Mikey appeared to confront their former partner Dolph Ziggler (Nicky), Mitch (Nick Mitchell) and Johnny (Johnny Jeter) weren't on the show. Chris Featherstone of The Pancakes and Powerslams Show sent us word that he spoke with Jeter and asked him if he was contacted to appear on tonight's show. Jeter noted that he was contacted about it last week, but he had to decline because it would have been a conflict of interest with his current employer. He added that he is no longer in the pro wrestling business.

- The Miz will be meeting fans at the Cricket Wireless Store at 11400 SE 82n Ave. in Portland, Oregon this Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m.

- ABC 3 affiliate WEAR in Pensacola have a story here about The Useos visiting 14-year old Ross, who was born medically complex and is sadly running out of time. WWE producer Scott Armstrong setup the meeting.

"This tops any, any WrestleMania, any Raw, any SmackDown, any pay-per-view that we do," Jimmy said. "It's all about this right here. See how he's just chilling, this is what it's about right here."


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