Goldberg In Great Shape (Photos), Sasha Banks On If She Is Slowing Down After Injuries, NXT Themes

- Triple H revealed today that NXT Takeover Toronto will feature themes from Parkway Drive, Turnstile and Beartooth. The theme from Parkway Drive is "Devil's Calling", which you can check out in the video above. Seth Rollins is a big Parkway Drive fan and was caught on camera jamming out at one of their concerts earlier this month, as seen in the video below:


- David Dennis Jr. has an article about WWE RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks at The Undefeated, which you can read here. The article included her talking about being the Beyonce of WWE, as well as past comments she made on Chris Jericho's podcast about NXT fans chanting that she was ratchet. She also talked about her recent injuries and if she plans on slowing down.

"I try to outdo myself with every match," she said. "But'I've learned that you can't try to outdo yourself every time. You have to do what comes natural. Really, I just want to go out there and be better than the guys.


"S? happens," she continued. "People thought I had a serious neck injury after Summerslam. If it was that serious, would I have come back in a few weeks? No. I get more injured wearing high heels to the arena than wrestling."

- Goldberg was training this week at Affliction Headquarters in Seal City, CA. Goldberg's looking in great shape, as seen in the photos below:

The infamous, iconic, legendary Bill Goldberg – WWE Universe training at the #Affliction Headquarters. #WWE #AfflictionSport #AfflictionClothing #win

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