How Old Is CM Punk Today?, James Ellsworth Is Worried About His WWE Future (Video), WWE Zombies

- WWE uploaded the video above from last night's Talking Smack of James Ellsworth appearing on the show with Daniel Bryan and Renee Young. Ellsworth was upset over his actions on last night's SmackDown, where he superkicked AJ Styles, causing Dean Ambrose to get disqualified. Ellsworth said that he felt that what he did may cost him a spot on SmackDown.

"I know I'll probably never be allowed on SmackDown Live again Daniel, and I'm so sorry," Ellsworth said. "I don't even deserve to be here, I think."

Bryan seemed to indicate that Ellsworth's run isn't over, noting that he wrestled Ambrose in one of his last Bryan's independent matches and Ambrose was incredibly violent. Bryan asked Ellsworth if he was concerned about his health and well-being after all Ambrose has done to help him. Ellsworth said that he probably deserves whatever he has coming.

- Former WWE Superstar CM Punk turns 38 years old today. Also celebrating birthdays today are Taka Michonoku (who turns 43), Kevin Sullivan (who turns 67), Nicole Bass (52), Kurrgan (47) and former WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen (37).

- WWE posted their annual gallery of WWE Superstars transformed into zombies, which you can check out below:


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