Alejandro Gimenez of Solo Wrestling recently interviewed former TNA, Ring Of Honor, and AAA wrestler Jack Evans in Barcelona. They sent us these highlights:

His relationship with Konnan:

"I was very close to Konnan. I don't wanna get in trouble, but this need to be said: the company was a 100 times better when Konnan was the booker. Honestly, our TV product isn't very good without him. I'm sorry Dorian, you know I Love you (laughs). Konnan was going to give Pentagon and me a mask vs hair match but when he [Konnan] left, everything was cancelled."

Not fighting Pentagon:

"I'm getting use to lost the opportunity to fight in big matches, so, when they told me that the rivalry with Pentagon was cancelled it was like 'nah, doesn't matter, it's the same old story'."

Konnan leaving creating a division in AAA's backstage:

"I think that yes. When Konnan told you some ideas you knew that, at least, he was going to work to make it happen. With AAA things work like this: you tell then something and the never call you back. They told you that they will say you something, but they never do it. You never know if it was a bad idea. I don't think that Konnan leaving have created a division, but now is more difficult to contact with the executives. I think the division is because of the way that the executives are dealing with the situation. The lockeroom could be happy without Konnan, the problem is the communication between wrestlers and the office."

Konnan leaving AAA:

"The foreign companies had a relationship with Konnan, not with AAA. When Konnan left, these relationships ended. For a lot of wrestlers this was horrible."

Fenix status after leaving the company:

"Guys like Fenix gain a lot of popularity in Lucha Underground. In Mexico is way different, it worse, I call it 'Association of Old Men'. Here you don't retire from wrestling, you die and your spot in the card isn't available until you die. I understand the frustration of these wrestlers that are more over that the main event guys, they sell tons of merch and tickets, but they're still in the midcard.

"When he come back from Europe and North America, he discovered what he really was worth of. For what I know, the response he got from AAA was something like 'no, you are in the spot that you deserve and you should be happy with it'. "

His problems with AAA:

"It was worse before. They have problems with the PWG promotor because he paid my flight for being in a show and they (AAA) cancelled the day before. I thought it was something importantů but they put me in a radio interview.

"Now things have changed, for international bookings, they work like a talent agency and they get a percentage of your benefit. They want their part. The mayor problem is, when someone wants you in his show, they ask you what your price is and you feel ashamed when you tell them the amount of money that AAA ask for. It's very high because AAA want his percentage. I try to talk with them and I say 'If you ask for less money you will get a large amount of bookings and more money, but they want their big money."

Source: Solo Wrestling