Jesse Ventura Talks Hulk Hogan Being An "Office Stooge," Conversation With Vince McMahon, More

As noted, Joey Styles and Jesse Ventura were this week's guests on X-Pac 1,2,360 with Sean "X-Pac" Waltman. Below are some highlights from the interview with Jesse:

Jesse on Hulk Hogan being an "office stooge":

"That's what Hogan turned out to be and I found out why. In my court case they brought up the numbers for WrestleMania III, the big one at the Silverdome, and Hogan got paid more money than all the rest of us combined... and Andre was included with us. Andre The Giant and all the rest of us combined did not make what Hogan made. So you can see why he didn't want he didn't want any union. He didn't want any interference." [Editor's note: Andre the Giant reportedly made the same as Hogan for the match, per Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer]

Jesse on the greatest compliment ever:

"Probably the greatest compliment I was ever paid, was old Freddie Blassie, Classy Freddie Blassie, I heard one day in the dressing room said, there's only one guy who calls his shots completely with Vince. He goes, that's Jesse Ventura. That's probably the proudest thing I ever had said about me in wrestling."

Jesse reveals an interesting conversation with Vince McMahon:

"It was funny. When I used to work one-on-one with Vince doing the tapes and all that in Connecticut, I said to him one day, and this was right prior to doing Predator, I said, Vince, the key to this business is to go get famous at something else and the come back to it, isn't it? And he looked over at me and smiled, it was just he and I, and he said, now you're learning."