Jim Ross Blogs On If TNA Can Be Fixed, Kevin Owens Vs. Seth Rollins WWE Hell In A Cell Prediction

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has posted another blog on his JR's BBQ website. You can check out some highlights from the post here:

Can TNA be fixed?

"The answer to that question is, 'absolutely' but only if the brand is blown up, restarted, renamed, and by finding a more viable TV network/partner on which to air their show. Then TNA, or its successor, needs a small, tight knit, agenda-less team to plan long term, present a reality based, athletic product featuring as many qualified, younger and fresher talents as they can afford. The way this brand has been devalued and abused is regrettable which may be the understatement of the year.

"Make no mistake about it, TNA, under anew name and a fresh management approach, can regain some level of footing within the marketplace but new management, if that's the case, must have a realistic plan and the funds to reach their goals which will only come in time."

Universal Title and Women's Match at Hell In A Cell:

"I see Kevin Owens retaining his Universal Title against the newly minted fan favorite Seth Rollins who is still a work in progress with the fans as it relates to moving from villain to hero. No reason these two shouldn't have a helluva outing. For one to think that Rollins must win to cement his 'turn' is pet coon goofy."

His podcast with Goldberg and Stacy 'The Cat' Carter:

"Goldberg is arguably more revealing and informative in this free flowing conversation than he will be at any other time leading into this match with Brock Lesnar at the sold out, Survivor Series event in Toronto's Air Canada Center on Sunday November 20.

"Stacey Carter talks openly about her relationship to The King, her time in WWE during the Attitude Era and her tireless work in animal rescue among other many topics including her relationship with the late Joanie Lauer aka Chyna."

Ross also discusses Roman Reigns vs. Rusev, the Cruiserweight division, The New Day, and Bayley connecting with the audience, and much more in the full blog post that can be read at this link. Tickets for Ross' Survivor Series Sunday RINGSIDE with Jim Ross show are available here. Also, don't forget to order some delicious JR's BBQ Sauce by clicking here.

Source: JR's BBQ


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