Joey Styles On If He Was Trying To Get Fired By WWE, X-Pac Reveals What Caused Creative To Bury Him

Joey Styles and Jesse Ventura were this week's guests on X-Pac 1,2,360 with Sean "X-Pac" Waltman. Below are some highlights from the interview with Joey:

Joey responds to criticism about FloSports' $20 / mo. price:

"I think yeah, twenty dollars it's obviously double the ten dollar price of WWE Network. You can also pay a hundred and fifty dollars up front for the year, which comes out to twelve-fifty a month, and then not only does that give you all of the pro wrestling programming on FloSlam.TV, but you get all the programming across other channels. So they have FloCombat.TV, which is MMA, they have FloGrappling.TV, which is Brazilian jujitsu, they have boxing, they have rodeo if you're into that, they have cheerleading. The other point, as a pure wrestling fan, you know the real hardcore wrestling fans, it's not out of the realm of possibility that you could be paying ten dollars a month to watch Beyond Wrestling's subscription service, and then paying eight dollars a month for, and then paying twenty dollars a month for a PWG DVD. It can get expensive really quick, whereas if all these companies see the future and see the vision if pro sports they can go ahead and license footage and there will be a much bigger audience paying twenty dollars a month to see every major indie wrestling promotion."

Waltman asks Joey if he tried to get fired from WWE:

"No, I was not trying to get fired. That's not the case. But I had ten years there. I made great friends, I made great money, I have no grudge whatsoever. I have lots of friends who still work in the office. I'm friends with a lot of the talent, and I couldn't be happier for all their success."

Also on the show, Waltman discussed his relationship with former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz and revealed that he organized a Wrestlers' Court for him.

"Some people know that he and I are not each other's favorite people," Waltman said. "Not anymore so much, but at one time not at all. At all. As a matter of fact I organized Wrestlers' Court for Brian. It didn't go down good for him. He did not take it well, and I was buried creatively, probably from that day forward."