John Cena Responds To Young Fan With Adult Answer During Comic Con Panel (Video)

John Cena is getting some attention for comments he made during a Total Bellas Q&A panel at the Phoenix Comic Con this weekend. Cena was joined by Daniel Bryan, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella for the panel.

When asked by a young fan what his favorite food is, Cena made a somewhat non-PG reply: "Um, well, if I were to have Nicole stand up this time, I couldn't show you."

The crowd laughed and Cena said: "Don't worry, you're gonna get that in a few years. I'm kidding, totally kidding."

Brie then shouted that Bryan would have said the same thing and Bryan agreed. Cena dropped the mic while Nikki added that he loves steak and vegetables.

Cena said: "Thank you, that's the right answer. Oh man I'm an idiot. Thank you guys for dealing with me, I appreciate it."

Check out the wackiness above.


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