Kurt Angle On Daniel Bryan Match Still Being Possible, Current Wrestlers That Resemble Him, More

Kurt Angle did a Q & A on his Facebook page last day. He answered few questions raised by the fans and below are some highlights from the same.

On the dream matches with Bret Hart and Daniel Bryan:

"I knew Bret wasn't possible because of his stroke 15+ years ago, so I'd say Bryan. We could still have it. I'm holding out hope but chances are very slim."

Current wrestlers that resembles him:

"I like these young guys Gable and Jordan. I think they have a lot to offer. Will they be Kurt Angle? I don't know. As long as they continually improve and not put excess pressure on themselves to be better they really are, I think they will be very very good. Looking forward to seeing how they pan out."

Why he stopped amateur wrestling:

"I told myself at a very young age that if I won gold, I'd retire. Now if I would have taken Silver in 1996, I still would have wrestled 4 more years. But once I won Gold in the Olympics and Gold at the 1995 World Championships, I felt my legacy was intact. I don't regret retiring because I fell in love with pro wrestling as well. That's when I made the move."

Apart from these topics, Kurt also talked about the best thing about wrestling, his favorite childhood moment and more. You can check out the full Q & A here.


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