Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 6 (10/12): Three Way- Rey Mysterio Vs Pentagon Dark Vs. Chavo Jr.


SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 "The Open Road to Revenge"

This week's show opens with a video highlights package. In the video, The current Rey Mysterio/Chavo Guerrero/Dragon Azteca storyline is featured. Highlights from the Chavo-Azteca match with Rey as the referee earlier in the season is shown. Also shown in the video is a recap of The Famous B storyline with Dr. Wagner and his former client, Mascarita Sagrada. The video closes with Johnny Mundo's request of a title shot in Dario Cueto's office last week. How Cueto gave Mundo's partner, Jack Evans a shot instead at Sexy Star and the Gift of The Gods.

The show opens with Dragon Azteca Jr backstage at the temple. He is putting on his mask. He looks into the camera and says, "Tonight, I will fight with honor". " Just as you taught me". The camera pans and shows that Azteca is looking into his own locker. In it is a picture of the original Dragon Azteca. Just then, Chavo Guerrero can be heard in the background. He tells Azteca that tonight, he will not fight at all. Chavo attacks Azteca with his chair. He lays him out and tells Azteca that he is a punk kid who stole his chance at revenge. Chavo beats down Azteca with the chair some more. He then looks into the locker and sees the poster inside. It is a lucha libre poster with the original Chavo Guerrero vs the orginal El Dragon Azteca. Chavo Jr. points at it and says "My dad kicked Azteca's ass that night". As Chavo is walking away, Rey Mysterio Jr is entering the locker room. They stare at each other before Chavo leaves. Rey finds Dragon Azteca on the ground laid out and asks him if it was Pentagon Dark, who attacked him. Rey stops and ponders for a moment and then realizes that it was Chavo, that was responsible. Rey screams out his name and the scene ends.

We are now in The Temple. The in house band tonight is Slapbak. They are playing in the background as Matt Striker and Vampiro intro tonight's show at ringside. Matt announces that this week's huge main event is El Dragon Azteca vs Pentagon Dark. Unbeknownst to Matt, That main event will have to be changed because of Chavo's actions behind the scenes. Vampiro cues to Melissa Santos in the ring for the show's opening match.

Famous B & Dr. Wagner Jr w/Nurse Brenda vs Son of Havoc & Mascarita Sagrada

Famous B and his client are already in the ring as they are introduced. Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada make a grand entrance. Down the aisle, Havoc rides in a motorcycle with a mini sidecar, that Sagrada is riding in with him. Funny entrance. The story behind this match is that Famous B fired Sagrada and dumped him as his client. Wagner and Famous B beat down Sagrada and Sagrada has enlisted Havoc's help. Havoc also had his championship opportunity stolen away from him by Wagner. So both Sagrada and Havoc have interest in getting payback.

Fun start to the match after the cool entrance. Both Havoc and Sagrada perform pescados on B and Wagner. They then do some cool tandem offense on the outside. Havoc tossing Sagrada in mid air and he lands on Famous and hits a huracanrana. The babyfaces control the early portion of this match. Eventually, Dr. Wagner turns things around when he hits Sagrada with a big boot and follows that with a sit out power bomb. Sagrada is able to kick out. The "believers" in the temple start chanting Famous B's phone number at him. Except they change it to 423-YOU-SUCK!...... The heels stay in control, double teaming Sagrada. Wagner hits a brainbuster on the little guy. Somehow, someway Sagrada escapes and tags in Son of Havoc. Havoc is all fired up. He springs off the ropes with a handspring back elbow. He then springs off the ropes again on top of Wagner. Goes for the pin but Famous B breaks it up. Havoc is now alone in the ring with Famous B. Famous pleads with Havoc to be left alone. Havoc tags in Sagrada who begs to get his revenge on him. Sagrada hits a firemen's carry on Famous and then sets him up for Havoc to jump off the ropes onto him. But Wagner pushes Havoc off of the top rope. This takes Havoc out of the equation. Then, both Wagner and Famous B take turns beating down Sagrada. Wagner spikes him with a slam and then tags in B. B pulls out a stethoscope and pins Sagrada with it.

Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr. defeat Mascarita Sagrada and Son of Havoc

Matt Striker continues to hype tonight's Pentagon Dark vs El Dragon Azteca match as the show goes to break.

Back from the break. A White Rabbit vignette airs again for the second consecutive week. Shot in the woods, There is a voice that says "How long is forever".... "Sometimes forever is just one second".... A shot of a white rabbit is shown. This is followed by a big disclaimer on screen that reads "Tick, Tock, They'll be here soon"..

We are back at the temple. Vampiro welcomes back the audience. He still hypes The Pentagon Dark vs Azteca match for later. Striker interrupts and says that he has heard that Azteca may have been injured. So he doesn't know his status for that match. Striker then announces that next week, Dario Cueto will once again spin the dial of doom and an opponent will get a shot at Matanza's world championship. Highlights are then shown of last week's Matanza match vs Prince Puma for The Lucha Underground Championship.


Sexy Star vs. Jack Evans

Jack Evans was given this opportunity by Dario Cueto. To the dismay of Evan's Worldwide Underground leader, Johnny Mundo. Evans pinned Sexy Star a few weeks back in the 8 person atomicos match. Jack gets on the mic before the match. He calls himself a fair man. He gives Star a warning and states that this will be the last match of her life. Proclaims that he will be known as The Star Destroyer. Star slaps him across the face and the match begins.

Evans hesitates in the early going. Acting reluctant to tangle with Star. Sexy takes the fight to Evans and hits him with some strikes in the corner. Evans begs off and stays in the ropes to get the ref to back Star off of him. When she pulls away, Evans cheap shots her with a dropkick and takes her down. He then starts showboating. The pace picks up when Star gets back to her feet. She takes Evans to the outside and hits a seat drop from the apron onto him. Sexy starts beating down Evans and throwing him around on the outside. Rips some of his hair out and throws him into the ring post.

Action back in the ring. Evans catches Star in mid air and throws her into the top turnbuckle. Evans puts her in a camel clutch and starts trash talking her in Spanish. Star eventually fights back and hits a huracanrana on Jack followed by a wheel kick for a 2 count. Evenly contested next few minutes in the match. Evans hits a handspring elbow on Star in the corner. Evans pokes her in the eyes. Star fights back and returns the favor. She throws Evans into the corner and then pokes him in the eye. She then hits three straight splashes into Evans in the corner. She covers him for a pin but Evans kicks out at 2. Star picks up Evans and hits a Gory special on him. Very cool looking. That leads to a near fall. Star runs at Evans in the corner. He knees her and hits a neck breaker for a close fall. Evans goes to the top rope, Star meets him up there and knocks him off. Evans falls to the outside and then Star dives off the top rope on top of him.

Just as Star appears to be ready to put Evans away. PJ Black shows up out of the crowd. The ref is distracted with him. Johnny Mundo shows up and spears Star and then throws her into the ring. Mundo hides under the ring. Evans goes for the cover but Star kicks out . Here comes Aerostar and Drago to even the odds and they go after Mundo and Black. Back in the ring, Evans rolls up Star and tries to use the ropes for leverage. The ref sees it and breaks up the pinfall attempt. Out comes, Fenix who is now in the ring. Evans and the ref are distracted by him. Sexy goes outside the ring, grabs a kendo stick and low blows Evans with it. She then hits a twisting neckbreaker on Evans for the victory.

Sexy Star defeats Jack Evans to retain The Gift of The Gods Championship

Star celebrates in ring with Fenix as an angry Worldwide Underground looks on at ringside. The show goes to break.

The show returns and we are now in Dario Cueto's office in the temple. With him is Chavo. Dario is on the phone and gets confirmation that El Dragon Azteca is still at the hospital and will not be at The Temple tonight for his match. Chavo is smiling and laughing because he assumes that he will replace Azteca vs Pentagon Dark tonight. Rey Mysterio breaks into Dario's office. Rey says that there will be a new main event tonight. Him vs this piece of crap right here. As he points to Chavo. Let's just say that Rey didn't exactly use the term crap. Very non pg term used to describe Chavo. Chavo takes offense to this. Rey says that he is going to beat up Chavo for putting Azteca in the hospital. Chavo says that after 25 years of friendship, He can't believe that Rey would accuse him of that. Chavo turns as if he is leaving and then attempts to strike Rey. Mysterio blocks him and then proceeds to strike Chavo several times while holding his arm. Rey tells Chavo that after 25 years, He is used to Chavo's underhanded tactics. Dario is laughing at his desk. Enjoying the tension in the room. He says that Pentagon is headed to the ring as we speak. He books the new main event. Dario says that Rey gets his chance for revenge against Chavo. Chavo gets his chance at revenge against Pentagon Dark. Cueto books a three way match for tonight. Dario says that if all goes well, Someone else will be joining Azteca Jr. in the hospital.

We are back in the temple for the new main event.

Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Huge Cero Miedo chant for Pentagon as he enters the ring. The most popular in-ring character on the show despite being a "villain". Dario Cueto leaves his office and goes into the Temple. Announces the change to the main event because "Azteca Jr. made an unexpected trip to the hospital". Cueto calls over Melissa Santos. Tells her to bring "her beautiful self to me". As Melissa walks over to Dario. Vampiro jokingly says "I wish it was that easy for me".

Cueto whispers into Santos ear. Telling her the details of the new opponents in the main event as the show goes to break.

Back from the break. Melissa Santos intros both Chavo and Rey Mysterio. The action starts with both men going after Pentagon Dark. Chavo gets manhandled by Pentagon. Rey gets a rana on Pentagon. Then Chavo takes advantage of a fallen Pentagon. He knocks down Rey and goes after him. Rey fights back and goes after both men. He dives over the top rope onto both Chavo and Pentagon. Action back in the ring, Rey continues the offensive onslaught on Pentagon. Chavo grabs a chair at ringside. He intervenes and grabs Rey to the outside of the ring. There are no dq's or countouts in this match.... Pentagon recovers and stalks both Rey and Chavo. Knocks them both down. He grabs a ringside camera and yells Cero Miedo at it. Pentagon gets hold of a steel chair and sets it in the corner. Pentagon then tries to whip Mysterio into it. Rey reverses and Chavo comes into the ring and gives Pentagon a drop toe hold. Pentagon lands directly into the chair he set up.

Chavo and Rey go at it for awhile Pentagon is down. Rey gets a victory roll on Chavo for a 2 count. Both Vampiro and Striker go through the very long history of Chavo and Rey's battles over the years. Striker starts talking about their WCW and WWE battles. Vampiro laughs and goes all the way back to Mexico and the history the two had there. Chavo now has the momentum on Rey. He starts to kick both Rey and Pentagon who are down on the mat. After a minute or two of this, Both Rey and Pentagon get back to their feet and each superkick Chavo down. Pentagon then turns his attention to Rey and disposes him out of the ring. Turning his focus solely to Chavo now with Rey on the outside. Pentagon hits a gut buster from the top rope on Chavo for a close fall. Chavo battles back and hits the Eddie trifecta of suplexes on Pentagon Dark.

Rey is back in the action. He ranas Chavo to the outside of the ring. He turns and gets caught in a sit out power bomb by Pentagon. This leads to a 2 count. Mysterio battles back and gets both men on the apron. He attempts a 619 on both Pentagon and Chavo. Pentagon bails and Chavo gets the full brunt of the move. Rey heads to the top rope. He prepares to leap onto Pentagon. Chavo pulls out Rey's leg. Pentagon knocks Chavo off of the apron. He then goes up top to Rey and hits a package piledriver on him to get the victory. Awesome move.

Pentagon Dark defeats Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero in a three way

Pentagon Dark goes to break Rey's arm but Mysterio counters out of it. Rey knocks Pentagon out of the ring. Chavo runs into the ring and knocks Rey down. He then lays out Rey with a steel chair. Chavo then proceeds to slam the steel chair into Rey's left knee. Chavo then sets up Rey in a tree of woe in the corner. He picks up the steel chair. Referee Marty Elias tries to stop Chavo from using the chair on Rey. Chavo strikes down the referee. Chavo then winds up and slams the chair into Rey's knee again as the crowd boos him. Matt Striker closes the show as Chavo celebrates the damage he has done.


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