Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 7 (10/19): Puma Vs. Mil Muertes, Dario Dials Up Some More Doom

Highlights from last week's episode of Lucha Underground.



The show opens with highlights of previous episodes and storylines. The current Prince Puma-Mil Muertes rivalry.... Johnny Mundo's frustration with Dario Cueto, in not granting him a world championship match and Killshot's recent discovery at the hands of LAPD Detective Joey Ryan.

The opening scene takes place in the locker room of The Temple. Prince Puma is seated at his locker when Vampiro approaches him. Vamp tells Puma that he wishes him luck in his match with Muertes tonight. He offers Puma his services. Prince tells Vampiro that he wants nothing to do with him. Puma says that he doesn't care if Mil Muertes is beating him lifeless tonight in front of Vampiro's broadcast desk, that he doesn't want Vampiro to help him. Puma states that he would rather die by Mil's hands than live by Vampiro's.... Before Puma can walk away. Vampiro stops him and predicts that Mil Muertes will die by Puma's hands tonight. Puma growls at Vampiro and walks away.

We are now taken inside The Temple. Matt Striker intros the show and hypes the show's main event of Puma and Muertes. Vampiro cues to the ring for Dario Cueto and his Dial of Doom.

Dario Cueto is inside the ring with Lucha Underground Champion, Matanza Cueto. Dario says that wherever the wheel lands, that opponent will get a world championship match with his brother. He spins the wheel and it lands on Killshot. Dario says that Killshot is an American hero and that he hopes, that he is ready for war tonight.


"The Monster" Matanza Cueto vs. Killshot

Killshot enters the ring selling injuries from his Weapons of Mass Destruction match with Marty The Moth a few weeks back. Killshot is heavily bandaged. Things don't start well for him in this one. Matanza manhandles Killshot and flings him around the ring. Dominating the early action. Killshot fights back briefly by applying an arm bar submission but Matanza breaks out with a headbutt. Matanza then takes Killshot to Suplex city for awhile. Killshot eventually battles back briefly again but Matanza knocks him down. Takes him to the top rope and attempts to tombstone Killshot off of the top rope. Killshot breaks free and then hits several kicks on The Monster and then hits a hanging DDT on Matanza from the ropes. Killshot then goes to the top rope and rips off his bandages. He leaps but Matanza moves out of the way and then tackles Killshot. Matanza then hits The "Wrath of The Gods" finisher and pins him.

Matanza defeats Killshot by pinfall to retain The Lucha Underground Championship

As Matanza and Dario Cueto leave the ring. Killshot rises from the mat. The "believers" in The Temple give Killshot a nice response. As he is recovering, a mysterious man makes his way towards the ring. He is wearing similar army dog tags that Killshot has. The mysterious young man is clearly recognized by Killshot. He is shocked to see this young man in the ring with him. Treats him like he is a ghost. Starts to touch him to see if he is real and then reaches out and hugs him. The mysterious young man does not seem moved nor touched by Killshot's actions. He breaks free of Killshot's hug and then kicks him in the head. Knocking him down and then proceeds to pummel him on the ground. The Young man picks up Killshot and hits a brainbuster on him. He then stands over him, takes off his dog tags and drops them on Killshot's body. He tells Killshot, "You left me for dead"... The same message, Killshot received from Joey Ryan earlier this season. He then gestures a killshot over his body, as the show goes to break.

The person playing the role of Killshot's fellow soldier is AR Fox. He was not named on the show this week. Fox has developed a very good reputation on the independent wrestling scene. He's considered one of the best young in ring talents.

When the show returns, Another "White Rabbit" vignette airs. The vignette shows a rabbit running through the woods while a man says, "We are coming".

Melissa Santos is in the ring to introduce the competitors in this next match. The Lucha Underground Trios champions, Fenix, Aerostar and Drago head to the ring. Dario Cueto leaves his office to come out to the arena. Dario tells The Trios champs that they are probably wondering who they will be facing tonight. Cueto says that before he announces that. He has another big announcement. Cueto announces that 4 weeks from tonight. There will be a 20 man Aztec Warfare match. Cueto states that he has tried to find a suitable opponent for his brother Matanza, but he says that he believes that there is no one that can beat his brother. That he hasn't even been challenged yet. That his "Dial of Doom" has proven that... So he wants a real challenge for his brother. Matanza will defend The Lucha Underground Championship in The 20 man Aztec Warfare Match. Not only that but Cueto announces that Matanza will enter The Warfare match at #1.

Cueto tells Fenix that he is probably happy that he is not booked at #1 this year. Cueto offers Fenix the opportunity to be #20 in The Aztec Warfare match. The catch?...... Fenix has to defeat his Trios partners in a three way match right now to earn the #20 spot in Aztec Warfare. Before Cueto leaves, He adds what he calls a "twist" to the match.... The winner gets spot #20, The losers are out of Aztec Warfare!

Fenix vs. Drago vs. Aerostar

The action starts after the break. The match itself does not start out like modern triple threat matches, where you see all 3 opponents go at it at once. 2 men are in the ring while one waits on the apron. You actually don't see that very often in 3-way matches. Drago and Aerostar start off the action with Fenix on the apron. At least, That's the way this match initially starts. The premise that all 3 trios champs respect each other and are friends. Evenly contested match with all 3 men taking turns with the advantage. A lot of aerial action early on... Fenix ends up actually taking a hard shot to his nose and it busts him open. He starts bleeding through his mask.

Fenix's nose is broken but that doesn't slow him down. He hits a pescado onto both Aerostar and Drago on the outside. The action shifts back into the ring. Now all 3 men are going at it. Aerostar lands a tornado DDT on Fenix as his blood sprays all over the place. This leads to a near fall. Drago grabs Aerostar and gives him a power bomb for a near fall. All 3 men battle into the corner. Drago arm drags Aerostar off of the top rope. Fenix flies off the ropes and onto Drago. Pace of the match finally slows down a bit as all 3 men are down. They rise and start to trade strikes in the center of the ring. All 3 attempt to end the match with their finishers. Very cool looking spot as Fenix applies a leg bar submission hold on Drago, while Aerostar applies a mid air scissors choke hold on Fenix... All 3 break free from the holds. The action continues.

Drago hits a rewind rana into a piledriver on Fenix. Fenix rolls to the outside of the ring. That leaves Drago and Aerostar in the ring together. After some counters and reversals, Drago hits a running blockbuster on Aerostar and pins him for the victory.

Drago defeats Aerostar and Fenix to earn the #20 spot in The Aztec Warfare match for The Lucha Underground Championship

By virtue of this result and Dario Cueto's stipulation. Fenix and Aerostar are eliminated from being in The Aztec Warfare match. The show goes to break as Drago celebrates his victory.

After the break, Drago is backstage at The Temple. He is staring at himself in the mirror when a mysterious figure is seen crawling on the floor approaching him. It is Kobra Moon. She approaches Drago as he is looking in the mirror. Tells him that he needs to win Aztec Warfare and return The Lucha Championship to "their tribe". Drago says that he is no longer a part of "their tribe" and roars into the mirror. A strange looking hobo type guy walks into the room. I am not sure if he is a character on the show or not. This man claims that he thought he was in the bathroom. Apologizes to Kobra Moon and then takes a bite out of what looks like a tortilla......

The next scene takes place in Dario Cueto's office. Dario is drinking scotch as Johnny Mundo enters. Mundo tells Dario that he needs to be Lucha Underground Champion. That he wants to prove that he is the greatest. Mundo is not pleased that everyone else is getting title chances through the dial of doom. Mundo offers a solution to clear up his issues with Cueto. Offers up Dario a suitcase that used to belong to Cueto, that Mundo took for himself. Cueto opens up the case and says... "My 100 thousand dollars"... Mundo corrects him and says it is actually 94,373 dollars now. Mundo says that he had to pay someone off with part of the money. Dario responds with, "That's right for the internet photos"..... Mundo says that he saved this for a rainy day and that he wants to change his destiny. He wants Sexy Star in a match for The Gift of The Gods championship. Dario Cueto seems pleased with the gift and grants Mundo his request.

Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. Prince Puma

Melissa Santos introduces both men to the ring for this upcoming main event. As the show goes to it's last break.....

This is a match that is one year in the making. Their second meeting. They met at Ultima Lucha Uno. Muertes defeated Puma for The Lucha Underground Championship and the story goes that Puma has never been the same since.

Prince Puma takes it to Muertes early on. Controls the early portion of this match. Hitting several aerial moves on Muertes inside and outside the ring. When the action gets to the outside of the ring. We get our first "Holy" chant from the believers in The Temple when Muertes hits The "Reapers Trident" on Puma. Muertes then grabs a wooden chair and beats The Prince down with it. They fight up the stairs.... Muertes takes Puma into the audience. Mil beats down on Puma and lays him out. Puma rises up as Muertes heads to the ringside floor and leaps out of the crowd and onto Muertes on the ringside floor. This prompts yet another Holy chant... Cool spot.

Action back in the ring, Puma hits a flying double knee off of the top rope for a close fall. He then goes for the 630 splash off the top. Mil moves out of the way, Puma lands on his feet. Muertes pocket power slams Puma for a close fall. Both men back on their feet. Puma attempts to strike Muertes in mid-air but gets caught with a stiff right hand that knocks him down. Muertes picks up The Prince and hits a twisting choke slam for another near fall. Muertes calls for his finisher, The Flatliner, Puma breaks free but gets launched into the corner by Muertes. Mil wears him out in the corner with strikes. Muertes tries to charge at Puma but he moves out of the way. Muertes hits the deck. Puma climbs to the top rope. Then connects with a beautiful 630 splash on Muertes and pins him for the victory.

Prince Puma defeats Mil Muertes by pinfall

Puma celebrates his payback victory over Muertes in ring. He then stares down at Catrina at ringside and gestures for her death. Matt Striker wraps up the show in the temple.

The final scene of the show has Rey Mysterio talking to someone off camera. Rey tells this person that he and his son go back a long way. It appears as if he is in some type of dojo or training center. Rey tells the person off screen that the temple is more than just about him and a particular person. Rey says he is fighting for more than just himself. Rey points to the person off screen and says that they know Chavo well. How Chavo has a way of making things way too personal. Rey says that he is asking this person for a request out of respect. Rey says that, if he does what he needs to do. Where will that put him with The Guerreros?

Chavo Guerrero Sr. rises from a seated position and is finally shown on camera. The scene pauses and the caption reads on screen. "Chavo Guerrero Sr. The Legend"... Chavo Sr. tells Rey that The Guerrero dynasty will not end with his son. Chavo Sr. asks Rey if he is sure that this is the only thing to do, and the only way to do it. Rey responds Yes... Rey tells Chavo Sr, That the temple isn't big enough for the both of them. So either Chavo Jr leaves or Rey leaves. They both stare each other down after this statement. Appearing to be in agreement as the show comes to an end.


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