Lucha Underground On The El Rey Network

Season 3 Episode 8 “Gift Of The Gods”

Here is the synopsis for tonight’s episode.

“City Councilman Delgado arrives and gives Dario a gift; Sexy Star defends her title; Rey Mysterio asks Dario for a favor”.

Highlights from previous episode storylines open this week’s show. The Ultimate Opportunity series between Cage and Texano, Johnny Mundo’s request granted for a Gift Of The Gods match and Ivelisse’s new relationship.

The opening scene takes place in Dario Cueto’s office. He is looking over paperwork as Sexy Star enters. Sexy gets straight to the point and tells Dario in Spanish, that she doesn’t fear Dario or his brother Matanza. That next week, She wants her shot at The Lucha Underground Championship… Dario responds by stating that he learned a long time ago, that when a sexy woman asks for something. It’s best to give it to her. Dario smirks at Sexy Star and says ok, She is granted her request. She will face Matanza next week for The Lucha Underground Championship…. He throws in a reminder that first, Sexy will be defending her Gift Of The Gods championship against Johnny Mundo tonight. Sexy Star says that he will be a nice warmup match for her. Dario laughs and says that he is impressed that Star has huge balls even though she is a woman. Dario then gets serious and tells Star that if her friends, Fenix, Drago or Aerostar interfere in her match tonight. That they will be banned from The Temple forever. As Dario sips on a glass of scotch. Sexy pauses for a moment to ponder what Dario has told her. She then tells him that she won’t need help tonight or next week. She tells Dario to be prepared to crown her as The First Female Lucha Underground Champion. Sexy leaves Dario’s office… Dario comments that, as his mother could attest. Women don’t fare too well against his brother.

We are now in the arena at The Temple. The house band is playing and Matt Striker and Vampiro intro this week’s show. They hype that Aztec Warfare is only 3 weeks away and that Matanza will enter that match at #1. With his Championship on the line. However Striker states that there is no guarantee that Matanza will enter that match as The Champion in 3 weeks. He then hypes tonight’s Gift Of The God’s match between Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo. Vampiro says that if you are a fan of intergender wrestling, That you don’t have to wait for that type of action at the end of the night, because that type of match will happen next. Vamp cues to Melissa Santos in the ring for the 1st match.

Melissa introduces Marty The Moth Martinez, who is accompanied by his sister Mariposa. Marty creeps on Melissa Santos as she introduces Marty’s opponent Ivelisse.

Marty The Moth Martinez vs. Ivelisse

Marty turns up the creep meter to 100 prior to and during this match. He throws his shirt onto Melissa Santos at ringside. Before the match even begins. Ivelisse takes the fight to Marty at the start. Marty acts like he likes the abuse from her. Ivelisse tries to not be affected by Marty’s actions. Marty tries to choke Ivelisse and bite her. Ivelisse fights back but Marty picks her up, bites her and then slams her down to the mat. Marty shoves his hand into Ivelisse’s mouth. As the ref is distracted, Mariposa bites Ivelisse while she is laying on the mat. Marty gets Ivelisse up in a full nelson submission. The submission is set up in an awkward position intentionally by Marty. Marty controls the action for the next few minutes. Ivelisse eventually rallies, takes out Marty’s knee and hits him with several kicks. She then gets him in a hanging choke hold. Marty falls to his knees and starts to fade. He rises back up to his feet and slams Ivelisse down with a spine buster to get out of the hold. He then gets Ivelisse back in that strange full nelson submission hold and then spikes her down to the mat. Crawls over her and pins her to get the win.

Marty The Moth defeats Ivelisse by pinfall

Marty and his sister celebrate in ring. Just then a new face has arrived in The Temple. It’s Ivelisse’s new boyfriend, Jeremiah. He attacks both Martinez siblings for a while. They then fight back, Ivelisse comes back into the ring and evens the odds. She and Jeremiah get the upper hand on Marty and Mariposa. They both flee the ring. Ivelisse and the former, Solomon Crowe from NXT, Jeremiah awkwardly hug in the center of the ring. Jeremiah is trying to get Ivelisse’s forgiveness but she isn’t so accepting of it.

The show goes to break hyping The Best of 5 series match to come between Cage and Texano….. When the show returns. Another “White Rabbit” vignette airs. This time, There is a man in the shadows. He is wearing a black top hat with a white suit. The rabbit logo is on the back of his suit. He says that he was lost until he found the white rabbit. The man says that he followed a white rabbit into the woods, and that it led him back to his roots and tribe. He says that he is not lost but found. The man then looks up at the camera and smiles. The vignette fades to black. A message then appears in white saying “Tick, Tock, They’ll be here soon”.

We are now in the parking lot of The Temple. Ivelisse is leaving the Temple. Jeremiah, her boyfriend runs up to talk to her. He tells her that he is sorry but he is not good at taking orders. Ivelisse says that she told him not to get involved in her matches at The Temple. Jeremiah says he stopped listening to people since he dropped out of high school. Jeremiah tells Ivelisse that Dario has offered him the opportunity to fight in The Temple. Jeremiah says that it’s always been his dream to hurt people for money. He tries to convince Ivelisse to go along with his involvement at The Temple. Tells Ivelisse that it won’t be like her and her ex boyfriend, Son of Havoc… Ivelisse says fine but warns Jeremiah that Dario Cueto is a piece of crap and will force them to fight each other. Ivelisse says that she will be forced to beat up Jeremiah. Just as they get into a car and drive off…… Dario Cueto is walking to a stretch limo nearby. He gets in and is greeted by “Councilman Delgado”.

Delgado tells Dario that “his descension is now complete”… Dario smiles and says “that soon, The Gods will be united and then no one can stop us”. Delgado asks Cueto if he has chosen the “host body”. Cueto says that he has 2 in mind and either one is perfect. Dario says that the two “host bodies” are almost god like themselves. Delgado hands Cueto over a treasure chest and says well…. “One of them will be more than almost god like”. Dario is happy to receive this item and says that the timing is perfect. That one of them might win an ultimate opportunity match tonight. Delgado tells Dario that he better get inside the temple. Dario carries the treasure chest out of the limo and heads back inside.

Back at The Temple. Melissa Santos announces the luchadores for this next match.

Best of 5 Series- Ultimate Opportunity Match #3

Cage vs. Texano

Cage is up 2-0 in this series. A series that seemed to start randomly during a recent episode. Where Dario Cueto promised each man an “ultimate opportunity” to the winner of this series. Both men assume that a shot a championship is the potential reward. By the looks of things now, The winner may be in store for something else entirely.

Typical match between these two. A lot of heavy hitting and high impact moves. Evenly contested. Cage is heavily bandaged, selling the injuries from their first 2 matches in the series. Texano takes control when the action goes to the outside of the ring. He actually flings Cage into a whole row of chairs. Almost like he was bowling with his body. Action back in the ring, “The Machine” Cage hits a super heavyweight superplex from the top rope at one point, that shakes the entire ring. Cage hits a pump handle slam for a near fall. Both men start exchanging high impact moves that lead to near fall finishes. Texano hits a leg lariat from the top rope onto Cage for a near fall. Cage then hits a turnbuckle power bomb for a near fall. Thinking he has the match won. Cage calls for his finisher, Texano rolls him up and beats him with a small package.

Texano defeats Cage by pinfall

Texano is still alive in the series. He is now down 2 to 1 to Cage. Unique way to end a match that was all smashmouth offense. Cage sells disappointment and shock in the way, he has just lost.

We are now back inside Dario Cueto’s office in The Temple. He has opened up the treasure chest. He is looking inside of it and a glow is set upon his face. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Cueto closes the chest and puts it away. Rey Mysterio enters…. Rey tells Dario that there may not be that much time left him for him in The Temple. Dario asks Rey if he is giving his two weeks notice. Rey says no. Rey asks that Chavo be given a 1 week notice. Rey says he is tired of Chavo’s BS. Rey asks Dario to book a Loser leaves Lucha match next week. That will pit him against Chavo Guerrero Jr. Rey wants to end Chavo’s career once and for all and put a stop to his backstabbing for good. Dario likes the idea and says that it will be the main event for next week’s show. Dario says he will enjoy watching the match. Rey says that there won’t be enjoyment for him. That sometimes you got to put a dog down for it’s own good.



Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo

Mundo enters the ring without The Worldwide Underground by his side. Striker mentions on commentary that this is the first ever singles meeting between these two LU originals from season 1.

Both start the match wrestling on the mat. After some initial mat wrestling. Sexy tries to turn the match into more of an MMA striking style match. Mundo pretends to go along with it but then pokes Star in the eyes. This helps him gain the advantage as he repeatedly kicks Star while she is down on the mat. Mundo hits a neck breaker on Star for the matches first pin fall attempt. Mundo continues to control the action for the next few minutes. Tries repeatedly to pin Star with different types of pins but she kicks out each time.

The action then goes to the top rope. Mundo sets Sexy up there. He then attempts a superplex. Sexy blocks it and tries to sunset flip power bomb Mundo but he blocks that attempt. Sexy crashes down to the mat. Mundo then attempts a moonsault on Sexy but she puts her boots up in the nick of time. The momentum shifts in Sexy’s favor. She monkey flips Mundo, then hits a code breaker on him. She follows those moves with a backstabber. This gets her a near fall on Mundo.

Sexy Star then goes to the top, leaps off with a cross body but Mundo catches her in mid air. He swings her around and then accidentally knocks down referee Marty Elias. Sexy rolls up Mundo and has him beat but the ref is out of position. By the time, He recovers. Mundo is able to kick out. Sexy argues with the ref. Mundo gets up and tries to spear Star. She moves out of the way but the ref gets hit with it instead. The Ref is out…. Star gets a chokehold on Mundo and here comes Worldwide Underground. Jack Evans and PJ Black attack Star. They take her out with a double superkick. WU then starts playing air guitar and celebrating in ring. Ref is still out. Black and Evans hold her up high in the air and Mundo hits what Striker refers to as a “ferris wheel crucifixion”. Backup referee Rick Knox arrives. Mundo tries to pin Star but she kicks out.

Worldwide Underground blames the backup ref for not counting fast enough. So they superkick him and lay him out. Striker mentions that there are only 3 licensed referees on The Lucha Underground payroll…. Evans and Black grab Star’s head and put it into a steel chair vice. As Mundo is preparing to kick Star’s head…. The Mack arrives to help Sexy. He gives Stunners to both Black and Evans. The Mack gives Mundo a stunner in the ring. Sexy nails Johnny with a steel chair. The original referee, Marty Elias recovers. Sexy covers Mundo but he kicks out at 2 and 3 quarters.

The Mack heads to the outside and fights with both Black and Evans. Sexy and Mundo are going at it in the ring. Johnny gets the advantage and attempts to finish her off with his “End Of The World” finisher but Sexy moves out of the way. A frustrated Mundo grabs a steel chair and tries to strike Sexy with it. Referee Marty Elias takes the chair away from Johnny. As he is doing that, Mundo reaches into his tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. He strikes Star with them and covers her for the pin and wins the match.

Johnny Mundo defeats Sexy Star to win The Gift Of The Gods Championship

Mundo celebrates with the championship. As a result of this victory, Johnny Mundo can challenge for The Lucha Underground Championship.

The closing scene of the show is Prince Puma training. Vampiro approaches him and congratulates Puma on his victory over Mil Muertes last week. Vamp tells Puma that he is not finished. Asks him if he has forgotten what Mil Muertes did to his mentor Konnan. Puma stops training and pauses. Puma tells Vamp that he hasn’t forgotten but he has also not forgotten what Vampiro has said about Konnan in the past. Vampiro admits that he hated Konnan. He tells Puma that even though that’s true. It wasn’t him who stuffed Konnan in a casket while he was still alive. Mil Muertes is the one who sent Konnan to an early grave. Vampiro tells Puma that in order for him to meet his potential and true power. Puma will have to do the same thing to Muertes. Puma ponders what he has just heard. Before Vampiro walks away, He repeats that he hated Konnan but he has always respected Puma. The show ends with Prince Puma continuing his training.