We recently interviewed rapper and actor Machine Gun Kelly, who talked about his appearances with WWE. Below is the interview:

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I just re-watched one of the more memorable moments of WWE Raw last year, which was your performance followed by that physical altercation with Kevin Owens.

“It deserves a Slammy, dude? I want WWE to reconsider that moment (laughs).”

Whenever a celebrity shows up on any pro wrestling TV, it’s pretty easy to tell if they are genuine fans. Clearly, you embraced the opportunity to appear in RAW, but how did you first get into wrestling?

“I think just the same way every kid did. Wrestling in the 90’s was a huge part of mainstream culture and definitely in the area where I’ve grown up, the Midwest. That was our Monday Night Football, you know what I mean? That was the people that we were looking up to because wrestlers give off that underdog vibe, like the John Cena’s and the Rocks? they overcome all this adversity, and it’s inspiring. I think when you’re 10 years old, 11 years old, 12 years old, seeing people constantly push through, not just the fights, but also what goes on off-screen in WWE and the wrestling community? I think it was just being inspired, man. It wasn’t corny, it was relatable.”

Now let’s fast forward a few years? you’re making music, you’re making a name for yourself, and you get the call from WWE. How did that come about?

“John Cena really thought that the song ‘Invincible’ matched his movement that he had going on, and it would describe where he was at in his career. As my song started to play as a soundtrack to one of the most popular wrestlers in wrestling history, I think our brands just grew closer together, and it culminated with the WrestleMania appearance.”

What was that like for the 10 year old still living inside you to find out that you are going to be performing in front of 70 or 80,000 people at the biggest wrestling event of the year?

“Dude, I felt like I was performing at the Super Bowl, man. To perform in front of that many people is only stuff like Madonna does, or the Rolling Stones, you know what I mean? You’re just some kid from Cleveland just getting to go on a stage to perform in front of 80,000 people, it doesn’t just happen like that. I don’t even think, to this day, I’ve been able to soak that moment up as much as I wanted to, because it was just so unreal.”

That wasn’t the end for you, of course. Last year you performed live on RAW to millions around the world. Then you ended up being powerbombed off the stage by Kevin Owens. Was being physically involved like that another dream come true for you?


Where did the idea for that moment come from?

“I didn’t like the guy and I wanted to piss him off (laughs).”

Looking ahead, would you want to do it all over again and return to RAW?

“Yeah man, I’d love to slap a table across Kevin Owens’ head, and then I’d love to do another performance that incorporates more of my band. I would love to perform ‘Bad Motherf-cker’ on either Raw or at WrestleMania, because that’s the song I have with Kid Rock and I think it just matches the vibe of WWE so much.”