Magnus On TNA Possibly Going Out Of Business, If WWE Should Buy Them, Leaving TNA, Working For GFW

Former TNA Impact star Nick "Magnus" Aldis recently joined the Jordan Garber NOW podcast with Jordan Garbe. During the interview, Magnus discussed starting out in England, getting signed by TNA and his experiences with the company, the state of TNA as well as Global Force Wrestling and more. They sent use these highlights, the program is available via by clicking on the "On Demand" or "2016 Archives" tab.

Leaving TNA:

"I have way too much respect for [everybody] there. It's no secret at this point that my departure from there was because of money. But also because of a failed relationship with the guy in charge and that is as much my fault as it is his fault.

Winning the GFW Title:

"I told Jeff Jarrett, 'of course I'd work for you, I'll help you out.' Then we did the TV tapings in Vegas, which were phenomenal. I had no idea. He just said, 'you're gonna win and you're gonna be the champion,' and I said, 'fantastic. Thanks.' It was just business I guess, he just seemed [like] I was the suitable candidate."

The state of TNA:

"It would be sad [if they went out of business]. If it's not going to be in a good place, then it may be a better thing. If they get acquired by WWE, it won't be the worst thing in the world. If they are going to cease operating at least they could live forever on the Network and have a good legacy. I hope everyone there is having fun and continuing to make money."

Jordan Garber NOW airs Tuesday nights at 11:30 PM ET on the VOC Nation Radio Network.


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