Mark Henry On If He's Happy With Current WWE Role, WWE Stars He's Impressed With, Fake Retirement

WWE Superstar Mark Henry was recently interviewed by Myles to promote the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game. You can check out some highlights from their conversation here:

If he is happy with his role since his TV time has diminished:

"No, I'm happy in my role. My role is a lot of times behind the camera. We'll be seeing what happens here in a little bit, I think everybody will be pleasantly surprised."

How he wants to go out form the business:

"An honorable death is what every warrior hopes for. I'm looking to see who's that gonna be. Who's qualified. Who can actually get the job done. I got one more department for somebody in the Hall Of Pain."

His fake retirement speech:

"Somebody referred to a retirement the other day as a Mark Henry, I was like 'wow, we came that far huh?'"

What made him choose the infamous jacket he wore during his retirement:

"I just liked the way the jacket looked, it fit well and I just wanted people to remember that moment."

If he expected he response that he got:

"I did, I didn't think it would be to that degree. I had professional athletes and wrestlers that I had never met before call, I don't know how people go my number, but I guess they felt it was safe for that person to call me and say 'hey man, you had a great career, and an even better jacket.' I guess the The Big Show was probably the best. He left me a voice message saying that he was gonna kill me, that he was sitting on the couch with his wife crying, and 'that's how you do me. You used me and that's how you use my feeling' and I was like 'ahh, my bad'."

What it was like to perform at Wrestlemania in his home state of Texas:

"Oh my gosh I mean such an unbelievable experience, and to have all my friends and family there was real good too."

How he gets tickets for his family:

"They make you pay. I paid $2400 dollars for tickets. Nothing, not even a discount. It is ridiculous."

Who is he most excited about from NXT that has come up or still has yet to:

"I'm still a Cesaro fan. He's one of my favorites, Neville is one of my favorites. I'm very impressed with Kevin Owens. I didn't expect him to be what he became. There's Charlotte and Sasha Banks and Bayley. They are more than impressive. Just as impressive than any of the male competitors. It's been a long time -- and I don't think that I can ever remember, seeing a woman's main event like they did last week with Sasha and Charlotte. Even though in Pittsburg about a month or two ago, they had a match that was maybe the third or fourth match on the show, and the rest of the show could not follow. It was that good. It should really have been the main event of that show. They can really work."

Words of advice to upcoming talents in the WWE:

"To study, know the history, and do everything you can to empower yourself with the knowledge of the industry."


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