Marty “The Moth” Martinez joined The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling this past week and opened up to John and Chad about his personal career evolution as well as taking the listeners deep inside “the temple” as he gives the backstory of his character, the potential plans for The Moth Tribe and the influences behind his unhinged persona. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.

Where did this unhinged and dark version of Marty The Moth come from:

“I was originally brought into Lucha Underground from the very beginning. I was one of the guys signed originally when this project was green-lit and I was brought on for comedic reasons and that is what I love doing, making people laugh and usually when I make myself look like an ass it makes people laugh. But just like every other character in Luhca Underground we made it evolve and Vampiro was very integral in that. He definitely has taken me under his wing and if you are going to learn how to be dark than Vampiro is not a bad mentor to go to. Rather than making it campy we wanted to take it a little more serious route. It is kind of a mix of Vampiro’s direction and the writers and from my acting classes. I kind of took what I would want to see on there with some influences from serial killers to The Joker to American Horror Story and all these things that intrigues people and threw it all into one thing and out popped “The Moth”.

Is that what makes Lucha Underground so different and creative making things seem a little more edgy.

“Absolutely and that is because we are a TV show that has wrestling in it and that is the biggest difference. We are a TV show with wrestling in it where everyone else is trying to be a knock-off of a wrestling TV show. We can have super-natural stuff, we can have Catrina teleporting all different kinds of places and have her travel through time and then there is me who kidnaps people and forces them to play my games. So we can have that kind of stuff. We kill people. You don’t see that in wrestling promotions and that is what is setting us apart is that this show is different and I love the fact that people are so in to it and that they are so vocal about it and I love it.”

The fan reaction to the product making the shows even better:

“There is a little bit of mystique to it. It is Lucha “Underground” because most people don’t have El Rey Network. They have to actively search for what this is and the people are talking about Puma who is doing triple back-flips and Moth kidnapping beautiful women and taking them to his crazy mansion palace so it kind of has that stigma to it where you have to search for it. But I always laugh at the numbers when they come out because I know that is not even a third or fourth of who is actually watching Lucha Underground because most people don’t watch it on El Rey Network. It is a sad but true statement but I am so glad that people are out there looking for it.”

Who is the mastermind behind the controversial Sexy Star kidnapping angle:

“That was the mastermind of the writers. In fact I didn’t even know it was happening until I got the script the day before I shot it for Season 1 that I was going to kidnap her. I think it was a great way to make a dark character, an even more layered character out of a goof and that is kind of what it was. I was the comedic relief (and I love being that) but you can’t make the comedic relief a champion so that is where the darkness came from. That is all the writers. I like to call our locker room here the “rejects” because there is so much talent from the writing staff to the producers to the actual people in the ring that something didn’t work out and we had to go in other directions and I’m super glad that it didn’t work because I will gladly carry this flag of Lucha Underground with the rest of these “rejects” to make some amazing TV.”

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