Michael Hayes On Owen Hart Not Being In WWE HOF, SmackDown Crew Being Looser Than RAW, Seth Rollins

On episode 15 of The Ric Flair Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Michael P.S. Hayes talked about his recent issues with Bret 'Hitman' Hart, whether Seth Rollins is safe in the squared circle, and the SmackDown crew always being looser than the Monday Night RAW crew.

On the Bret Hart controversy that has since been settled, Hayes suggested that Hart could have voiced his displeasure with WWE's Hall Of Fame without calling people "drunks" and "pillheads".

"It'd have been just as easy to say, 'I'm a little disappointed in the WWE Hall Of Fame. I think people that are in there should have had a career in the WWE and here's who I think should be in.' Bam! And even if he wanted to say, 'I think they deserve to be in more than The Freebirds.' I'm fine with that!" Hayes averred, "Bret knows why Owen is not in the Hall Of Fame and it has nothing to do with The Fabulous Freebirds. I can tell you that. And the other guys that are in, whether you agree with that opinion or not, you're entitled to it, but The Freebirds don't have anything to do with them not going in or not going in as of yet."

Also, during the podcast, Hayes defended Rollins against criticisms that 'The Architect' is unsafe in the ring.

"You can't find anybody in the locker room that does not want to work with Seth Rollins. Nobody! And ask John Cena what happened with the nose thing. John will tell you, 'it was my fault'. Sting had this perennial neck problem from years of wrestling. And then, the thing with Finn Bálor, Finn, you know, is supposed to take that thing on your shoulders, on your back. He put his arm back there to brace and there it went."

The former 'Handsome' Dok Hendrix claimed that the SmackDown crew always seems looser than the RAW crew and that there is a lot of pressure being on the red brand.

"There's a lot of pressure to be on RAW. Not knocking SmackDown. In all my years here, SmackDown crew always seems a little more loose. They just do. And I don't know exactly why that is. And I'm not saying pressure is a bad thing." Hayes added, "any time you go out, there [are] good nerves that will motivate you to have your best performance."

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Source: The Ric Flair Show