New Legends With JBL Airing After RAW, Fans On Most Devastating Spear, John Laurinaitis Clip

- This Total Bellas bonus clip features John Laurinaitis confronting JJ about his negative opinion regarding Kathy and Johnny's upcoming wedding.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans who has the most devastating spear - Bill Goldberg, Roman Reigns, Edge or Rhyno with the Gore. As of this writing, 57% went with Goldberg while 17% voted for Reigns and 11% for Edge.

- A new episode of "Legends with JBL" will air on the WWE Network after Monday's RAW goes off the air. His guest will be WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino. Below is the description:

"JBL sits down with Bruno Sammartino to discuss some memorable exploits from his extraordinary career in sports entertainment."


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