Paige Thanks Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan On How "Yes!" Chant Originated (Video), Dean Ambrose

- As noted, Daniel Bryan appeared at yesterday's New York Islanders hockey game, which saw the Islanders defeat the Anaheim Ducks in overtime. During the game, Bryan led the crowd into a "Yes!" chant. MSG interviewed Bryan after the game, as seen in the video above. Bryan admitted that it was the first hockey game that he had ever been to. Bryan was asked how he came up with the chant, and he noted that it was just to celebrate after winning the World Heavyweight Championship. He admitted that he was being obnoxious with the chant, but it caught on because "it's fun."

- Dean Ambrose granted a wish backstage at this past Saturday's WWE live event in Phoenix, AZ, as seen below:

- As noted, Paige and Alberto Del Rio got engaged at last night's WWC Aniversario event in Puerto Rico after Paige popped the question to Del Rio. Paige took to Instagram after their engagement and wrote the following:

"When you have something that's unbreakable. You keep it. Never have I loved someone so much in my life. Thanks for the love you give me. You're my world."


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