Paige WWE Return Note, Bayley Reveals Her Choice For Negan's "Walking Dead" Victim, Oakland Raiders

- As noted earlier, TMZ Sports caught up with Paige and Alberto Del Rio this week. In the video, when asked if she would be back with WWE, Paige laughed and replied, "I have to." She noted that she would be Del Rio's shadow "for the next six or seven months or so" while she's recovering from her surgery, which would put her return in April or May of 2017. (Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Kyle Mack)

- The Hollywood Life has an interview with Bayley, who was promoting WWE 2K17. During the interview, she discussed The Walking Dead and the show's cliffhanger where villain Negan killed off one of the main cast members, who has yet to be revealed. Bayley gave her pick on who should have faced Negan's wrath.

"I know this is kind of going to sound mean," Bayley said, "but I kind of hope that it's Eugene because for some reason…he really has been annoying me towards the end of all this. He is getting so weird and I am kind of hoping it is him! I am really hoping it is not Carl! I think it is [Eugene] but we'll see."

- The official site of The Oakland Raiders has an article here about members of the team attending this past Monday's RAW at the Oracle Arena including Derek Carr, Michael Crabtree, Andre Holmes, Matt McGloin, and Justin "Jelly" Ellis. Williams noted that it was his first time attending a WWE show live and admitted that he "got scared a few times when the fireworks went off." He also talked about getting the opportunity to attend the show.

"When the opportunity came across, and I had my nephew in town, he watches it, so I just turned into a big kid," said Williams. "It's not like it had The Rock, or Stone Cold [Steve Austin], but it was still cool. Chris Jericho is still out there wrestling, man. It's crazy. I was my nephew's age when he first started. It definitely was a cool experience, very exciting, and it's cool to just sit back and watch the show."


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