Ring Of Honor TV Recap (10/18): Jay Lethal Vs. Silas Young, 6 Man Tourney, The Bullet Club And More





The show begins with highlights from the amazing Ladder War match at ROH's ASE PPV. The last two weeks of ROH television have been matches from their Field Of Honor shows. This is the first week that ROH has aired the tapings that took place after All Star Extravaganza. The venue where the ppv took place. This arena is the very place where Shawn Michaels lost his smile in 1997 and forfeited the WWF title.

Kevin Kelly welcomes the audience to the show as The Bullet Club's music hits. Out comes the ROH World Champ Adam Cole, ROH Tag Champs, The Young Bucks and Hangman Page.
ROH's resident heel faction gets a heroes welcome from the crowd. Matt Jackson is on the mic first. He says that The Bucks turned All Star Extravaganza into 5 Star Extravaganza. Matt calls Ladder War 6, the greatest ladder match in ROH's history and boasts about now being 2 time ROH tag champs. He then proclaims that the Bucks are the greatest tag team of all time. Adam Cole is next on the mic. Cole says that The Bullet Club lived up to their promises at the pay-per-view. Cole says that he proved that Michael Elgin is not in his league. That Hangman Page sent a message by hurting Kyle O' Reilly for him. Then, Cole puts over The Young Bucks as the best of all time in the entire world of wrestling. Cole says that Hangman Page is the next to get gold for The Bullet Club. That he will be the next ROH TV Champ. Cole wraps up the segment by stating that The Bullet Club controls the industry and they all salute each other with the "too sweet" gesture in the center of the ring.

Touted after the break is an upcoming match between War Machine and Keith Lee & Shane Taylor.

During the break, An ROH update airs which promotes their video on demand service on their website. In the video package is highlights of newest ROH wrestler, Bull James (FKA Bull Dempsey in NXT) at The Reloaded Tour. Also the confrontation between Bull and Adam Cole.

Also shown during this promotional package, is the recent 24 man Honor Rumble match. This match took place in Lockport, New York. The headline being Silas Young winning and earning a future ROH Title match vs Adam Cole. The video leads into hype for this week's TV main event of Silas Young and Jay Lethal.

Jay Lethal is in front of the ROH banner. He cuts a promo on Silas Young and their upcoming match. Lethal doesn't understand or care why Silas Young has made him a target. He doesn't care how this feud started. Lethal states that he only cares about finishing it. Lethal's goal is to once again become ROH World Champion and Silas Young is in his way.

Back in the arena, War Machine makes it's way to the ring for this upcoming tag team match.

War Machine vs. Keith Lee & Shane Taylor

These two super heavyweight teams have been feuding for quite some time. Shane Taylor and Ray Rowe have a history together. Rowe trained and housed Taylor when he was trying to make it as a wrestler. The story goes that when Rowe made it into ROH. Taylor felt that his friend and trainer abandoned him. So he has set out to seek revenge against him.... Thus far, Taylor & Lee have won the battles between these two teams and are currently undefeated in Ring Of Honor.

Typical match between these two teams. Heavy hitting, high impact with even some high flying action thrown into the mix. Rowe and Hanson attack Lee & Taylor with suicide dives, while they are making their way to the ring. War Machine beats down Taylor & Lee on the outside for a few minutes. Taylor & Lee rebound and dish out some power tandem moves of their own. Both teams continue to brawl on the outside of the ring. Launching themselves and each other into one another and into the barricades at ringside. The show goes to break after Shane Taylor launches himself off of the apron and onto everyone on the ringside floor. All 4 men are laid out.

Back from the break. The fight on the floor has now moved into the ring. No tags in this match yet. All 4 men taking turns hitting high impact moves on one another. Rowe hits an impressive exploder suplex on Lee. He turns and gets flattened by a Shane Taylor tackle. Hanson then grabs Taylor and hits a inverted power slam. Heavy hitting action continues.... Hanson tries to come off the top rope but gets caught. The first potential pin fall comes after Lee and Taylor double choke slam Hanson. Who at some point in this brawl, has started bleeding on his forehead. The first pin fall attempt is followed by the actual first tag in this match.... Rowe is back in the ring now and he aids his bloody partner. War Machine hits a tandem power slam on Lee for a near fall. Taylor and Lee regain control and hit some tandem moves of their own on Hanson.

Hanson eventually avoids defeat and makes the hot tag to his partner. Ray Rowe comes in on fire. He takes down both Taylor and Lee. War Machine then hits their finisher, "Fallout" on Shane Taylor. Taylor kicks out. War Machine then attempts their finisher again but Keith Lee breaks it up. Lee and Taylor then rid the ring of Rowe and hit their tandem finish on Hanson but he kicks out. Desperation time for both teams. Hanson attempts a splash off of the top rope but misses. Keith Lee tries the same and misses. Raymond Rowe gets in the ring, grabs Keith Lee and hits the destroyer piledriver. Rowe covers him and gets the 1,2,3 to give Taylor and Lee their first ROH loss.

War Machine defeats Keith Lee & Shane Taylor by pinfall

No victory celebration here for War Machine, as Shane Taylor enters the ring with a steel chair. He lays out both Hanson and Rowe with it. Lee and Taylor lose their first battle but end up on top when this war ends. The next gradual step in this feud will be some type of stipulation match. We could see some sort of cage match in this rivalry's future.

During the break, Caprice Coleman is in front of The ROH banner backstage. He talks about The Cabinet's upcoming plight in the 6 man title tourney as if it's an election cycle. He refers to all 3 members of The Cabinet as "The Secretary of Shoulders Rhett Titus", "The Chairman of Championships Kenny King" and himself as "The Minister of Information". Coleman expresses his confidence in his group ending up as 6 man champs.

Back in the arena, Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly talk about Coleman's comments and confidence heading into the tournament. Kelly and Corino recap the current inaugural 6 man ROH tag title tournament. The bracket is shown on screen that lists all eight 6 man teams. Included in the bracket is the result of the first round match at the pay-per view.

In Bracket A, ACH/Kushida/White defeated The Briscoes & Toru Yano. They will take on the winners of the 1st round match between The Cabinet and Kincaid/LSG & Ali.

Bracket B in the 1st round has The Addiction & Kamaitachi vs. Team CMLL and The Bullet Club vs. The returning Kingdom. The finals are scheduled for ROH's next ppv, Final Battle on December 2nd.

This recap and preview takes us to the next match in the 1st round of the tournament.



Caprice Coleman, Kenny King & Rhett Titus vs. Leon St. Giovanni, Jason Kincaid & Shaheem Ali

Kincaid, Giovanni and Ali were all a part of The ROH top prospect tournament. The story goes that all three have maintained friendships throughout the training process. Quick background on these three. Kincaid looks like a mountain man/viking. Very unique look. Has been wrestling on the independent scene for 13 years now. He's a talented light heavyweight. Shaheem Ali is also an independent wrestler. Labels himself, The Absolute Athlete. "LSG" besides having a cool first name. Labels himself, "The Human Rocket". He and Ali were both trained at The Monster factory and currently at The ROH dojo. All 3 guys have a high flying style. The industry is loaded with indy workers who all dream of having a shot like this. No guarantees that indy wrestlers will ever get the chance to rise above that level.

The Cabinet make their usual over the top entrance. Complete with random secret service men and campaign followers. No kissing toy babies this time. Caprice Coleman gets on the mic prior to this match. They now kneel before their matches. Pulling a Colin Kaepernick. They call this their peaceful protest. Coleman claims that they got permission from congress to do this before every one of their matches, and anyone that disturbs their protest will be immediately fined and suspended.

King and Ali start off the match. They both display their athleticism. King shows up Ali early. When Ali returns the favor and goes to shake King's hand, as a show of respect. Kenny decides to kneel in protest. King then disrespects Ali and cheap shots him. The Cabinet then gets Ali in their corner and work him over. The trio trash talk Ali while they beat him down, and then they all kneel together in ring to continue their peaceful protesting. Kincaid and LSG have seen enough. They rush into the ring and hit dropkicks on The Cabinet. Kincaid then flies to the outside and hits a neckbreaker on Coleman. Back inside, LSG, Ali and Kincaid hit a cool looking trios tandem move on Coleman. They do a double roll through on him that ends up with Kincaid hitting a high knee in mid air. As Kincaid tries to go to the top rope. The Cabinet distract him and turn the match back in their favor, as the show goes to break.

A comedic Halloween commercial airs during the break where Mark Briscoe and Dalton Castle promote Halloween costumes on the ROH website. Dalton dresses as one of "dem boys" and does The Briscoe catch phrases and theme song. Mark changes quickly into a costume looking like one of "Castle's boys". They both plug the site as a place to create your own Halloween costumes.

Back from the break. The Cabinet is wearing down Kincaid in their corner. Kincaid eventually escapes and tags in Shaheem Ali. Ali shows off his quickness by hitting aerial moves on all 3 members of the cabinet. LSG tags in and he does exactly what Ali did. LSG and Ali team up and connect on a double Russian leg sweep on Titus. This leads to a 2 count. Caprice Coleman pulls Ali outside of the ring and The Cabinet regain the advantage. The "All Night Express" attempt the one night stand on LSG but Kincaid intervenes to break it up. Kincaid does a unique springboard twisting cutter on King inside the ring. Kincaid hangs up Titus in the tree of woe in the corner. Then in a real cool looking spot, Ali, Kincaid and LSG hit coast to coast to coasts on Titus. All 3 men leaping from opposite corners of the ring into Titus. Shockingly, Rhett Titus kicks out after this move. LSG goes for a reverse phoenix splash on Titus but Rhett lifts his knees up at the last second. The Cabinet triple team LSG. King and Titus double team LSG, knock him down and then Coleman leaps off of the top rope and hits The "Sky Splitta" on LSG and pins him for the victory.

The Cabinet defeats Jason Kincaid, Shaheem Ali and LSG to advance to the semifinals of The ROH 6 Man Title Tournament

The Cabinet will face ACH, Kushida and Jay White in the next round of the tournament. They celebrate in ring with one last "peaceful protest".

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino preview upcoming ROH Road To Final Battle tour dates at the broadcast table. With one of the events featuring Adam Cole defending the ROH title in Lakeland, Florida against Silas Young on October 22nd.

Silas Young makes his way to the ring for the main event.

Jay Lethal vs. "The Last Real Man" Silas Young

The commentators talk of Lethal having an ROH world title match on 11/20 in London on The Reach for The Sky tour. Both men show each other respect here with the customary Code of Honor handshake. The crowd gets behind Lethal completely in this one.

Nice display of chain wrestling early on between Lethal and Young. The crowd applauds the early exchange. Silas Young plays to the crowd looking for respect. Lethal capitalizes on the distraction and dropkicks Young to the outside. He then follows that up with three consecutive suicide dives. Adam Cole joins the broadcast team at the commentary desk, as the show goes to break.

Back from the break and Silas Young is now in control of the match. A highlight is shown of how Silas re-took the advantage during the break by reversing Lethal and connecting on a neck breaker. Adam Cole on commentary talks about all his potential world title defenses against Bull James, Silas Young and Jay Lethal on the upcoming ROH tours. Cole also plugs his potential world title defense at Final Battle in December against Kyle O'Reilly. Cole brags that he is going to show the world how great he really is. Cole and Corino go at it on commentary during this match. Cole refers to Corino as a joke. Steve takes offense to this and touts his career accomplishments. These two would go back and forth bickering during this match.

Meanwhile in the ring, Silas Young remains in control. Young tries to apply a boston crab on Lethal. Jay breaks out of it. The action starts to even out. When both men begin trading kicks in the center of the ring. An exhausted Jay Lethal wins the exchange and knocks down Young. Both men are back on their feet. Jay Lethal attempts his Lethal Injection finisher, Young avoids it. Silas then attempts his Misery finisher but Lethal escapes out of it... Jay Lethal hits the Lethal combination on Silas and then heads to the top rope. Lethal then does his Randy Savage signature tribute move by hitting "The Hail to The King" elbow drop on Silas Young. Lethal covers Young but he kicks out of a potential 3 count. Lethal then signals for his finisher again, goes for it but Silas escapes yet again. Young hits a side back breaker and then follows that up with an impressive looking cutter. Silas covers Jay for a close fall..... Adam Cole on commentary, says that he is going to the ring to get a closer look at the action.

As Adam Cole is headed to the ramp way with his world title in hand. Kyle O' Reilly shows up behind Cole and starts attacking him. Cole tries to retreat but O'Reilly tracks him down and beats up on him. Kyle actually grabs a chair and sits Cole on it. Then strikes him with punches and kicks. Kyle's onslaught continues and he ends up on the apron, this distracts Young and disturbs him. Young had just hit Lethal with a running firemen's carry plunge. Lethal sneaks up behind Silas and rolls him up with a cradle and pins Young.

Jay Lethal defeats Silas Young by pinfall

An angry Silas Young and Kyle O' Reilly start shoving each other in the ring. Adam Cole nails O'Reilly from behind and knocks him down. Silas grabs Lethal and throws him to the outside . Adam Cole and Silas Young stare each other down. Lethal is back up and he pulls Silas out of the ring. They brawl on the outside. O'Reilly is back up and he goes at it with Cole. Kyle hits a brainbuster on Cole. Lethal and Young brawl towards the rampway. Officials break them up. Silas picks up Adam Cole's title, which he dropped on the rampway when Kyle attacked him. Silas Young holds the world title up in the air, as the show comes to an end.


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