Ring Of Honor TV Recap (10/25): The Motor City Machine Guns Vs.Tetsuya Naito And Evil, More



Taped in Lowell Massachusetts at The Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Airing On SBG Syndicated Stations, On Comet TV Wednesdays, The Fite TV App, The Fight Network & ROH Wrestling.com

The show opens with Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino at ringside. They hype this show's main event of The Motor City Machine Guns and Los Ingobernables De Japon. Running joke with Steve Corino, who botches the pronunciation of LIJ every single time. It's cool that one of the most popular factions in New Japan has a Mexican name and backstory. It just adds to the mystique of it's charismatic leader, Current IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito.

Kevin Kelly cues to the ring for the show's opening match.

Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana vs. The Tempura Boyz

Very little is known about Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu. "The Tempura Boyz". They are New Japan Dojo trainees who have been working undercard matches in Japan. As part of their training, They have been sent on a excursion to work in Mexico with CMLL and here with ROH in the states. They are not aligned or related in any way to Christopher Daniels alter ego, Curry Man.... No plates of shrimp attached to their head... Lame jokes aside. These are two very talented young wrestlers with some charisma. Fitting that they would face off with two alternately unique performers in Dalton Castle and Colt Cabana.

Yohei and Sho start off this match working well together in the early going. Corino notes on commentary how both these NJPW Young Lions prefer to be called by just their first names. A practice that is against Japanese wrestling tradition, where the last name of a competitor is of most importance. Yohei has a more traditional light heavyweight appearance where Sho has a thicker build and unique wrestling gear. It almost looks like he is wearing tablecloths that you would find at a Japanese restaurant. They are parts of table cloths hanging over his tights like bandanas.

After The Tempura Boyz get the early and brief advantage. This match quickly becomes a showcase match for Castle and Cabana's new team. The comedy ensues when Castle and Cabana team up to do The signature Dalton Castle poses in the ring. This freaks out Sho Tanaka. He doesn't know what to make of it. So he runs to his corner and tags in his partner Komatsu. The comedy continues with Cabana and Castle for awhile. Dalton then takes over the match showing his wrestling ability with takedowns and a bridge suplex. Castle and Cabana work well together in this one. Using blind tags and tandem moves. A lot of showboating by both men. The final sequence sees Dalton Castle take on both Tempura Boyz and he wins the match for his team by hitting The Bang A Rang finisher on Yohei.

Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana defeat The Tempura Boyz

During the first commercial break. This Halloween themed ROH promo airs with Mark Briscoe and Dalton Castle.

Back from the break. Kevin Kelly is on the stage set to interview The Briscoes. Footage is then shown of what took place during the break. How Dalton Castle and Colt Cabana had a stare down and traded words with The Briscoes on the rampway. Kelly asks The Briscoes about the tension between both teams. Jay and Mark talk about how they have no fear of any tag team in ROH. How in recent months, They have defeated Castle and Cabana, as well as The Young Bucks. Mark states they challenge the winner of that upcoming match. Mark guarantees that they will beat the winner of that match at Final Battle on December 2nd and become 9 time ROH World Tag Team Champs.

This is followed by a lengthy promo hyping ROH's upcoming event in London next month. Featured in the promo is Adam Cole, Jay Lethal and Kyle O' Reilly. They all talk about the World Championship picture and where they stand.

Adam Cole is backstage with The Young Bucks and Cole is hyping The November 20th ROH Card in London, England. Where he is scheduled to defend his World Championship against Jay Lethal. Cole states that The ROH fans get what they want in Jay Lethal getting a rematch for the title. Cole says that they won't get what they ultimately want when Cole defeats Lethal again... Jay Lethal is then shown and he cuts a promo hyping the match. Lethal states that he can't wait to regain his title from Adam Cole and be back on top of the company. Kyle O'Reilly is up next. He has an ROH World Championship Match scheduled at Final Battle. Kyle talks about the possibility of facing either man at Final Battle. Kyle says that even though, He doesn't hate Jay Lethal. He has unfinished business with him because their 3 prior matches ended in controversy. Kyle's preference however is getting revenge on Adam Cole, and by doing so, He would also become ROH World Champion. Kyle says that The ROH World Title is more important to him than just getting revenge. That he doesn't care who wins between Lethal and Cole, That he is going to be the next world champion.

Back to ringside for this upcoming match.

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Jonathan Gresham

The commentators put over Jonathan Gresham's great old school mat wrestling style. Calling him "The Master of The Mat". They put over a recent match he had with Delirious and plug the Video on Demand feature on ROHwrestling.com. They recommend fans watching that match. It took place on The Reloaded Tour in Pittsburgh. Steve Corino puts over ROH as the company where you don't just see one wrestling style. How the company has the lucha libre style now with CMLL, The Japanese style wrestling with The New Japan talents, The all out brawls that you see from the likes of War Machine and The Briscoes. As well as the great catch as catch can style, that you see in these type of bouts.

O'Reilly and Gresham both put their mat wrestling on display in this match. Great counters and reversals on the mat. With both men showing great escape ability in getting in and out of each other's holds. The crowd applauds both men after every sequence. Gresham gets a nice chant from the crowd. A guy who has been overlooked and kind of forgotten in the industry. In a strange way, His 5'4 frame works against and for him. His slight frame actually aids him in getting in and out of holds.

Both men here go tit for tat early on. Blocking each other's holds. Ending up in a stalemate and showing great sportsmanship towards each other. They go real old school by doing never ending crisscrosses in the ring. Eventually the match goes up in intensity when O'Reilly takes exception to Gresham targeting his injured shoulder. Kyle tries to go to his stiff kicking style but Gresham puts a stop to it quickly, counters and takes down O'Reilly. The show goes to break.

When the show returns, O'Reilly is landing his kicks and has finally gained control in the match. A fired up O'Reilly hits a flurry of offense on Gresham and then suplexes him and transitions into an leg lock submission. Gresham gets to the ropes to break the hold. O' Reilly continues to target Gresham's leg. Jonathan and Kyle then go through a series of unique pin combination attempts on one another. Gresham gets an impressive looking crucifix cradle pin attempt on O"Reilly. It leads to a close fall. Gresham targets Kyle's injured shoulder which is heavily taped as a result of The Bullet Club's recent attacks on him. More specifically, Hangman Page at the last pay per view.

O' Reilly once again fires up, Knocks down Gresham. He then rips off his protective tape on his shoulder. As an act of defiance. Kyle then slaps on a front face lock on Gresham. Clamps on it so hard that Gresham's body appears to being going limp. O'Reilly picks him up and hits the brainbuster to finish off Gresham and win the match.

Kyle O'Reilly defeats Jonathan Gresham by pinfall

As Kyle O'Reilly is being announced as the winner. Hangman Page runs into the ring and attacks O'Reilly. He stomps on O'Reilly's injured shoulder. Page goes to hit The Rite of Passage on Kyle when Bobby Fish runs into the ring to make the save. As Fish and Page are exchanging punches. Out comes Adam Cole. He nails Fish from behind. Page goes to work on Kyle on the outside of the ring. Sends him crashing into the barricade. Back in the ring, Adam Cole is admiring his handiwork when Fish rises and goes after him. Page comes to Cole's aid and hits Bobby Fish with a steel chair. Cole holds up Fish to be hit again with the chair. Fish spits in Page's face. Page retaliates with repeated chair shots to Fish's ribs. Security runs out to pull Page and Cole away from Bobby Fish.

The show goes to break and an ROH Wrestling.com ad airs listing ROH's upcoming tour dates leading into Final Battle in New York City on December 2nd.

Back from the break, Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino recap what just took place at the end of The O'Reilly-Gresham match. Kelly talks about how The Bullet Club's master plan is to make sure that O'Reilly gets injured and can't compete for The ROH Title. Also included in that plan is Hangman Page winning The ROH TV Title from Bobby Fish. The ultimate goal is for The Bullet Club to win all the titles in Ring of Honor.

A video package is shown of the current Kevin Sullivan-Steve Corino feud. The video highlights BJ Whitmer and his unveiling of the new "Purple Haze" in Punishment Martinez. Also shown is Martinez and Whitmer's recent attacks on Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara.

Following this video, Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara are in the ring. They both get on the mic. They state that they are sick and tired of being attacked by Whitmer and Martinez. They call them out to get what's coming to them. The lights go out in the arena. Sullivan, Whitmer and Martinez are on the stage. Punishment and BJ head to the ring. Kevin Sullivan heads to the broadcast area dressed in his "Prince of Darkness" attire.

Punishment Martinez & BJ Whitmer vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

Sullivan on commentary tries to sell Corino on joining his group. How Kevin sees Steve as his true favorite son. That Corino's place is by Sullivan's side and accepting his true calling of evil. The whole story is that Corino is Steve's human name but his actual spirit form is evil. That Steve is denying that side of himself and living a lie. Kevin Sullivan is Steve's spiritual father in that realm. Sullivan makes mention of a recent gift that Corino has received from their group.

Not much to the match. When Martinez is in the ring. He dominates the action. When Whitmer gets in. Cheeseburger and Ferrara are able to mount some offense. They actually do some tandem moves on Whitmer. Hit a tornado ddt on him. Punishment gets in the ring and aids Whitmer. Punishment hits a springboard punch on Cheeseburger and knocks him out. A move that makes Roman Reigns superman punch look like the greatest move in wrestling history. Whitmer covers him for the win.

Punishment Martinez & BJ Whitmer defeat Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

Post match. Corino pleads with his "father" to not let this happen. As Punishment and Whitmer are beating down their opponents after the match. Sullivan whispers something into Corino's ear. Steve runs down to the ring and tries to stop Punishment and Whitmer from continuing the beat down on Cheeseburger and Ferrara. The show goes to break as Corino is pleading with them to stop. When the show returns, Footage is shown of what happened during the break. Corino was handed the golden spike to use it on Cheeseburger and Ferrara. Steve teased using the spike but then threw it away, much to the chagrin of his "spiritual father" Kevin Sullivan.

A video package is shown of The Ladder War match at All Star Extravaganza.

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin make their entrance and head to the ring for the main event. Before the match starts. The Guns get on the mic. They address the match they had at Ladder War 6 with The Addiction and The Young Bucks. Chris Sabin is bandaged up. He states that they received a lot of praise from management for their match at the ppv. That ROH matchmaker, Nigel McGuinness gave The Guns the option of not wrestling after their grueling match at ASE. Sabin says that they refused, because they love the company and the fans so much, that they would never take a night off. Alex Shelley gets on the mic and states that he found it fitting that it was Ladder War 6, because all 6 men in the match ended up at Lowell General Hospital. Shelley says that all the men in that match put their bodies on the line for the fans. How ROH is the best wrestling on the planet and how the fans deserve the absolute best. Shelley than calls out Los Ingobernables for their match.


The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Tetsuya Naito & 'King of Darkness' EVIL

The story of this entire match is how banged up The Guns are from Ladder War 6.... LIJ gets the early advantage in this contest by double teaming Sabin. The Guns put a stop to it quickly by teaming up and doing tandem moves on both Naito and Evil. Both Shelley and Sabin doing flying moves off the apron and unto LIJ at ringside. Alex Shelley then mocks Tetsuya Naito. Shelley at one point does Naito's eye pose on the top ropes. Which Corino calls disrespectful on commentary... Steve actually has a point there.... The whole idea of Naito's eye pose is to mock the fans who mocked his Asian heritage in Mexico. Alex should probably not be doing that gesture or anyone else for that matter.....

Shelley leaps off the top rope and hits a martial arts kick on Evil. Naito takes out Sabin on the apron and then helps Evil get the advantage on Shelley. Evil then heads to the outside with Shelley. He wraps a chair around Shelley's neck and rams him into the ring post. LIJ back in control. They work over Shelley for the next couple of minutes.

The show returns from it's final break and Naito is beating up on Shelley. Hits a running kick on him and gets a 2 count. LIJ double teams Shelley. Alex fights out of it and hits a tornado DDT on Naito. He then tags in Chris Sabin. Sabin hits a flurry of moves on both members of LIJ. The Guns then hit double cross bodies on Naito and EVIL. They continue hitting double team moves at a very fast pace. Typical MCMG styled sequence.

The final sequence has all 4 men battling inside the ring. Evil hits The STO on Shelley. Then prevents him from getting back in the ring and saving his partner. When Tetsuya Naito connects with his finisher, "Destino" on Chris Sabin and pins him to get the victory.

Los Ingobernables De Japon defeats The Motor City Machine Guns

As LIJ celebrates in ring. The show ends with Kevin Kelly promoting next week's ROH TV show. Which will feature The Addiction taking on The Briscoes. Also on the show is a match from the next round of The 6 man tag tourney. Which pits The Cabinet against ACH, Kushida and Jay White.


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