ROH TV Recap (10/5): "Field Of Honor", Bullet Club 8 Man Tag, Elgin Vs. Dijak And More





This week's show was taped before last Friday's All Star Extravaganza pay-per-view. In case, you missed it. That was a heck of a ppv. Ladder War 6 was amazing.

"Field of Honor" opens with singer, Keith Hardy singing the national anthem to kick off the show. Always a unique atmosphere and presentation with a wrestling ring situated in a minor league ball park. Nothing quite like Coney Island or Ring of Honor for that matter. The show opens with a TV Title match.


The "Infamous" Bobby Fish vs. The 'King of Darkness' EVIL

A year ago, Evil then known as Watanabe won a golden gauntlet match to earn a TV title shot at Field of Honor. A year later, Watanabe is now known as "EVIL" and a member of Los Ingobernables De Japon. Both Fish and Evil have changed a lot in the last year.

A slugfest between the two to start off. Bobby Fish hits an impressive looking dropkick and starts to target EVIL's legs to set up for a submission. The action spills to the outside. Looks like they are near home plate on the baseball field. Evil gets a hold of a chair by the broadcast table near the ring. He strikes Fish with it. The referee, Paul Turner very liberal here in his officiating. The commentary team of Kelly and Corino call him out on it. Evil wraps the folding chair around Fish's neck and rams him into the ring post. This is not a no dq match but the ref doesn't call for the bell. He only admonishes EVIL. Corino suggests that the ref is going by Brooklyn rules as the show goes to it's first break.

Back from the break. Both men are in the ring now. Fish has regained control. Takes down EVIL with leg kicks and an exploder suplex that results in a close fall. Evil battles back with some stiff shots. Fish reciprocates with some of his own. Both men trade suplexes. Bobby Fish hits a dragon screw leg whip on Evil to slow down the action... Fish tries to go in for the kill. Evil counters with a fishermen's buster but is unable to cover Fish for the pin fall. Both men are down on the mat and the ref starts the 10 count. Both rise at the last second and meet each other in the center of the ring. They start trading blows. Evil wins the exchange and hits a really nice double armed suplex on Fish. Evil follows it up with a wicked lariat that leads to a near fall. He then connects with a firemen's carry into a sit out out power bomb for another near fall. Evil then signals for his finisher, The STO and does a throat slash gesture on Fish. As he goes for it, Fish counters and then hits a spinning wheel kick. Bobby Fish then hits Evil with a Falcon Arrow and transitions that into a knee bar submission. Unable to get to the ropes, Evil is forced to tap out.

Bobby Fish defeats Evil by submission to retain The ROH Television Championship

Up next on the show after the break is a match billed as an IWGP Intercontinental Championship match. Billed as a rare IWGP title defense on U.S. soil. When this was taped in Brooklyn. Michael Elgin was the IWGP IC Champ but he lost that title to Tetsuya Naito in Japan prior to The All Star Extravaganza PPV.

During the break, The best advertisement in wrestling airs. The KFC WWE ad being a distant 42nd..... Jay Lethal with hair hyping up The Health Alert Hotline. I am sold and I don't even need a knee brace.


The "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs. Donovan Dijak w/Prince Nana

It's worth noting how impressive, Donovan Dijak was in his match with Bobby Fish at the pay per view. Dijak has a bright future ahead of him. Obviously, He has great physical tools. Only wrestling now for 3 years.

New Japan official, Tiger Itori is the referee for this championship match. Elgin's head is heavily bandaged from a severe laceration he received back in August. The commentators put over the fact that Elgin is still wrestling everyday despite his injuries. This is a power styled match, as to be expected between these two. Michael Elgin puts his strength on display early with a 40 second standing suplex that Davey Boy Smith would have been proud of. Elgin then shows off his agility with a springboard splash and gets a 2 count on Dijak. Dijak battles back and shows off some of his strength. He lifts Elgin off of his feet and gives him a standing backbreaker and transitions into a sidewalk slam for a 2 count. Both men try to suplex one another in the center of the ring. Elgin wins the exchange as the show goes to break.

During the break. A Motor City Machine Guns promo/ad airs where they talk about their return and hawk their new merchandise. They put over Detroit and suggest that buying their shirts will help in the turnaround of Detroit. Was that a heel promo?.... Cool shirts though. Next up is Silas Young pushing his new "Real Man" shirt. He hawks the new shirt with his buddy, The Beer City Bruiser. Every one of these shirts is black and white. The NWO would be proud.

Back from the break. Michael Elgin is firing up in the ring. The crowd is rallying with him as he winds up and hits a lariat on Dijak for a 2 count. . Elgin then goes to
finish Dijak. He hits a buckle bomb and then as he is preparing to hit his finish. Dijak counters and gets Elgin up and hits a sit out power bomb for a close fall. Both men sell their exhaustion in the ring and struggle to rise to their feet. You can thank Japan for the next spot in this match. The way over done, Both men trading strikes in the center of the ring. Both struggling as if they are using their last bit of energy to take each other down. It's a great spot but it's now in every single match in every promotion. Elgin hits a succession of forearms and Dijak doesn't go down from it. Dijak responds with three straight discus boots to Elgin's head that eventually take him down.... Ok, that was a nice sequence.... Dijak then hits a urinagi into a backbreaker. He goes to the top rope and hits a nice looking moonsault. It leads to a 2 and 3 quarters pin attempt. "Big Mike" rolls to the apron. Dijak joins him there. They trade blows on the apron. Elgin picks up Dijak and hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Elgin then climbs to the top as Dijak is laying on the mat reeling from the last move. Prince Nana grabs Elgin's leg but he kicks Nana down to the floor. This buys Dijak some time. He rises to his feet and slams Elgin off of the top rope. Donovan goes to the top himself but Elgin meets him up there as he is climbing. Elgin gives Dijak a german suplex from the top rope. He picks up Dijak, hits him with some hard strikes. Lifts him up, buckle bombs Dijak and then hits The Elgin Bomb to get the victory.

Michael Elgin defeats Donovan Dijak by pinfall to retain The IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Once again, I understand that Elgin is no longer IC champ but at the time of this taping. He was and this was a successful title defense. The fans applaud the effort of both men after the match. The show goes to break hyping the 8 man tag main event.

The sun has set at MCU Park and The Bullet Club's entrance music hits to signal this week's main event.


The Young Bucks, Hangman Page & Yujiro Takhashi vs. The Motor City Machine Guns, Super ACH & Lio Rush

The Young Bucks are coming off the crazy Ladder War 6 match from last Friday's ROH PPV. The Bucks are now The IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag champs, The PWG tag team champs and now The ROH World Tag Team champs for a second time. Impressive feat for a team that has one of the best cult followings in the business.

Typical high energy and fast paced match with these talents involved. It starts off slow initially. Matt Jackson two sweets Lio Rush in the eyes. Unique version of the eye poke. The show goes to break as Lio Rush is able to thwart The Bullet Club's heel tactics in the corner... Back from the break, Hangman Page is now in the ring with Chris Sabin. He and his partner, Alex Shelley do some tandem moves on him. In comes Nick Jackson and he gets more of the same. The Guns, Rush and ACH all do a 4 man tandem move on Jackson. They drape him over the ropes and leap on top of him with a foot stomp. The 4 man tandem action continues. Nick Jackson becoming a crash test dummy for The Guns, ACH and Lio Rush. The Bullet Club run in and put a stop to it and clear the playing field. The action spills to the outside. Several superkicks and then an over the top rope dive by Nick Jackson onto his opponents. The Bucks two sweet the fans seated near the first base line. The Bucks take control of this match and do several tandem moves on all 4 members of the opposing team. The show goes to it's final break.

As the show returns, Lio Rush is getting beat down in The Bullet Club corner. Each member taking turns. The Bucks get the Brooklyn crowd to chant "Suck It" several times in unison with The Young Bucks crotch chops towards Rush. After a few minutes. Lio Rush eventually battles back and tags in "Super" ACH. He comes in on fire and flies onto all the Bullet Club members. ACH shows off his agility with a flurry of aerial moves. He gets Page in a pinning predicament but The Bucks break up the count. All 8 men now going at it. The Guns hit a magic killer on Nick Jackson. Rush dives onto Matt on the outside. The Guns then do tandem moves on Page with ACH. They hit several thrust kicks and ACH follows with a german suplex pin attempt. It is broken up by Yujiro. Takahashi hits a brainbuster on ACH. Chaotic finish to this one. The Bucks are in the ring with The Guns. They take them down. Hangman Page hits a shooting star press off of the apron and onto one of The Guns. Lio Rush gets a double superkick by The Bucks. Nick Jackson then leaps off of his brother Matt and hits a corkscrew moonsault on his opponents on the outside. Here comes ACH, He leaps over the top rope and twists in mid air with some great elevation and lands on everyone on the field. Action back in the ring. Hangman Page gets Sabin up for the Rite of Passage before he leaps, The Bucks deliver a double superkick to Sabin's head. Then, Page leaps and hits The Rite of Passage to get his team the vitory.

The Bullet Club defeat The Motor City Machine Guns, Super ACH & Lio Rush

The Club celebrates their victory. Matt Jackson looks into the camera and says, "That was a workout". All 8 men look physically spent. Not just because of the crazy fast pace they wrestled that match but also because of the humid weather in that outdoor setting.

Kevin Kelly closes the show by hyping next week's edition of Field of Honor on ROH TV. Kyle O'Reilly is scheduled to face Katsuyori Shibata and then in a PPV worthy main event. Adam Cole defends The ROH World Championship vs Jay Lethal, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tetsuya Naito in a 4 corners survival match.


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