Ryback Talks Triple H Losing His Physique To Start A Family, TRT, Botched Shell Shock On Paul Heyman

On episode eight of Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryback talked about getting his body back to normal following testosterone replacement therapy and ear and nose surgery. Also, 'The Big Guy' explained his botched 'Shell Shocked' on Paul Heyman at a Connecticut house show, back in 2012.

According to Ryback, he was on testosterone replacement therapy for five years. 'The Human Wrecking Ball' said that hopes to have a family in the future, so he must get his testosterone levels in order now.

"I went from being on the road and coming off my TRT, my testosterone replacement therapy, which I was on for five years. And it kept me in the mid-normal range on the road and consistent sleep patterns, and this and that. And it's an easy way to keep normal testosterone levels and not have to worry about it, suffering from low testosterone before, for five years before, so coming off that, my testosterone, but there was a period my testosterone shut down, and then, it's coming back. It's not staying at what it was, obviously, through the supplementation. So then, like, I had the surgeries and didn't work out for six weeks. All that happened on top of each other. I'm 34. I want to eventually meet a lovely lady and settle down and have a family and have kids, and I have to get that in order now."

Ryback compared his physique during a period where he did not work out for six weeks following surgery to Triple H when 'The Game' was rumored to be trying to start a family.

"Whether he likes me talking about this or not, but do you remember when Hunter went through that period of looking pretty s--tty on TV? And he has one of the all-time greatest physiques. But there was a period where, I always remember, I don't know if the rumor was he was trying to have kids. But I remember, there was a period where his body was [a little softer], and he still looked great, but when you're in wrestling, spandex and tights, they bring out the worst. And you're out there breathing heavy. I remember there was a period where he didn't look quite as good as what he had before. So I feel like I went through that period myself of, even though I stayed relatively lean the entire time, I lost some muscle mass because I wasn't working out either for six weeks. I couldn't. I wasn't allowed. I wasn't allowed to do anything after the ear and nose surgery. And so, I'm just now, my weight is just now coming back and I'm, like, lifting normal and whatnot."

On botching his signature 'Shell Shocked' muscle buster on Heyman, Ryback put the blame on 'The Advocate'.

"It was a live event in Connecticut. Paul Heyman, I was supposed to, after a [CM] Punk match with a DQ, Paul, I was supposed to pick him up for Shell Shocked. At that time, I started tucking my head in because of this, actually. Paul goes, 'oh, just pick me up out there'. I go, 'Paul, you are not built like a normal human being. By that, I mean you have an enormous f--king stomach.' I was very nice about the situation and he said, 'oh, you can just pick me up out there,' so I knew better. I should've tucked my head under him when I went to pick him up. And I get out there to pick him up and he's pitter-pattering his feet. He's f--king all over the place. He'll admit he's the most unathletic human being in the history of the world. And I actually respected Paul a lot more now that we've cleared the air years ago over different bulls--t issues, but he… I go to pick him up and his fat f--king stomach hits me in the forehead. I couldn't clear the f--king two feet of stomach over my head because at that time I was picking guys up and then ducking my head under, which was actually hurting my spine and my neck, which is a whole other f--king conversation. But, so that happens. He goes, 'oh God!' and I had to say, literally, go, 'God damn it, Paul. Just sit f--king still,' which the crowd heard me, just… And then, I f--king boom, pick him up, hit him with the deal, everybody goes home happy."

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