Santino Marella On WWE Not Extending His Contract, Being The People's Champion, Other Aspirations

On the latest episode of Main Event Radio, former WWE superstar Santino Marella was interviewed by Ryan Rider. Santino talked about WWE opting not to extend his contract, how people reacts to him, his acting aspirations and more. Below are a few highlights.

On WWE not extending his contract:

"Because I was off with my injury, they had the option to extend my contract for as long as I was off. At first they were going to do that and be extended until 2017, and instead they decided not to invoke their clause and have my contract expire in June 2016. And that was it. They treated me and my family really well. It was a weird day. I was about to leave on a trip to Florida with my wife and I saw the office calling. That was it; the run came to an end."

Wanting to act:

"I'm a really good actor. I think I could do tons of different roles. It's about having the opportunity to make these relationships with the right people and show them what you could do. I wouldn't mind doing one of those roles with me as a single dad with a little daughter in a romantic company."

How the fans treat him after retirement:

"People come up to me in public all the time and say it isn't the same without me. It's all the time that I hear this. Must be something to it that people are missing you. I was the real people's champion. I came from the audience, 5'10, not overly muscular. I see a lot of kids looking up to me. Every dog can have its day, miracles can happen. People related to it, they can visualize themselves as seeing anything being possible."

You can check out the full audio here.

Source: Main Event Radio


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