Sasha Banks On What She Proved, Titus O'Neil Mock Presser (Video), Ashton Kutcher - Danny Masterson

- This Fallout video from last night's WWE RAW in Los Angeles features new RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks after her big win. Sasha gets emotional when talking about how losing the title earlier in the summer hurt her. She knew the title would be #1 when she came back and there's nothing that's going to stop her from living her dreams – being the best in WWE. Sasha says she proves she was born to do this every single week. She says was born to be the best and proved once again that she's The Boss of the women's division. Sasha closes it by saying the title isn't leaving her anytime soon.


- Actors Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher talk to Andrea D'Marco about their interaction with Chris Jericho and WWE Universal Champions Kevin Owens in this Fallout video. Masterson says Owens and Jericho realize they made mistakes and that they aren't as best of friends like them, because if they were then they would have won the match against WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. They also plug the new season of their Netflix show.

- As seen on last night's RAW, Titus O'Neil began his new "Titus Brand" storyline. This Fallout video features Titus holding a press conference after his loss to Sami Zayn. Titus corrects Tom Phillips and says Sami didn't beat Titus, Titus beat Titus. Titus calls the win one of the biggest of Sami's career.