Shawn Michaels Note, Kevin Nash Cast As Reverend In Horror Movie, Wrestling Road Diaries Trailer

- The trailer of the third installment of Wrestling Road Diaries was released on the YouTube channel of Colt Cabana today, which you can watch above. The trailer features Kikutaro, Grado, and Colt Cabana touring the independent scene.

- Kevin Nash and TNA star Mike Bennett have been cast in the new horror film, ANDERS MANOR. Christina Robinson (Dexter) has been brought on to play the lead, Amy. Godsmack frontman, Sully Erna has also come aboard. Nash will be doing something completely out of character as Reverend Thomas, while Bennett will be portraying a wild and unruly redneck named Darsaw. Producer Tommy DeNucci (Army Of The Damned, Almost Mercy) has joined Executive Producers Glenn Jeffery, Matt O'Conner, David Gere, Richard Switzer, Tanya Lynch, and tapped Jonathan Schermerhorn to direct the film.

"I've been a fan of pro wrestling for as long as I can remember," producer Tom DeNucci said. "So for me it's really great to have these guys on set. There's so much performance art that goes into what they do on any given night, from cutting promo's, to embodying their character as they walk down the aisle, right down to all the storytelling they do in the ring with the match itself. It comes naturally for them to channel that into a movie."

"I've been passionately involved in casting pro wrestlers in several movies, and I think this one is proving to be cool and exciting," added Executive Producer David Gere. "We get to see Kevin Nash in a role that you would never expect, and we also have a rising star in Mike Bennett, really get down and dirty in a unique and physical role."

- WWE Studios released the official poster of their new film The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, which features Shawn Michaels, which you can check out below. Michaels appears in the poster and is described as an ex-con. The website has also been launched at this link. The trailer of the film was released back in September.


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