Sheamus On His Favorite Wrestler Of All Time, Winning Tag Titles, Creating "Celtic Warrior" Gimmick

As noted, Sheamus was doing promotional work for WWE in India last week. Mid-Day spoke with The Celtic Warrior, below are some highlights:

If him and Cesaro will end the New Day's title run at Hell In A Cell this Sunday:

"We both need to be on the same page first. There is quite a big clash of egos and we need to overcome that to be able to be on the same page. I have never been a tag team champion and I'm looking seize the title. I am willing to work with him to overcome our clashes and become a stronger team to be able to win the title but it depends on whether he will do the same or just let his ego come in the way."

His favorite wrestler of all time:

"'Macho Man' Randy Savage"

Creating the "Celtic Warrior" gimmick:

"Myself and Ray Senior who is one of my best mates, were huge into Celtic Mythology and we wanted to bring some different. Fit Finlay was already doing the storyline with Hornswoggle and the whole Leprechaun theme. So I wanted to do something different and unique that would create a different vibe, something fierce that was not a stereotype and something that would have longevity."

Sheamus also discussed why he got into the business, staying fit, WWE recruiting Indian talent and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Mid Day


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